Artistic Arrondissement


Yes we have one in Lake Worth Beach. “Go west young man”. Lake Worth Beach now also has the very First Little Free ART Gallery in this artistic area. I attended its Ribbon Cutting.

Just one block north of Lucerne on F st.

It was a late afternoon affair with attendees bringing some of the first small works of art. This is via the effort of Amy Shaw and her partner John. Fairly new to our community who totally embraced what we in this quirky community are all about. First she installed her LFL, Then she purchased her gallery from an Etsy shop, fait accompli!

Local artists participated with stocking the initial small works of art. The gallery offers seating with miniature attendees who have gone walk about, often being mistaken for miniature art LOL which they indeed were.

Many done by our generous art community.
like neighbor Louise Noaks

My contribution was a 4×6 portrait of my cat wearing a Ruth Badder Ginsburg collar. It was immediately traded for this awesome small abstract painting seen top left. It has the Van Gogh colors yet reminiscent of the cave paintings of Lascaux. I could not get it out of my mind so early next morning I biked over and made it mine. (Done by 14 yr old Emma) A small Hurricane painting took its place that I used to sell at street fairs.

Raffle + collectible art and some jewelry were part of a raffle for this grand opening. Emma is seen here in lavender.

The mutual admiration society is alive and well. Amy not only put wonderful children appropriate books in but invested in colored pencils kits which are there for the taking. Bring a book if you have one to share or just avail yourself of a original work if art by the generous artists that live in this area.

This is the charming cottage that is home to our 1st Little Free ARTGallery.

Have a great Laborday weekend.


A early beginning at the beach Friday before the long weekend. I’m avoiding people, crowds. Haven’t been out in a while, not sure I still know my table manners. KEEP wearing a mask! We are not in the clear yet. Six Months and counting. Destination was Viva la Playa alas it was not open for breakfast. No sign on doors as to hours or when.

Next best Benny’s. Spotted long sleeves, must be a tourist. Indeed

Another early happy group

I had the Sunrise, no meat. Used to pay $5 for exact same called the “local special” at Mulligans but here it was $12. But what a view, sea breeze, the smell of salt air, took me back out to my years on the ocean. Of course location location.

This is their menu, just scan it. Welcome to the 21st century

It’s FRIDAY the beach front was getting a face lift.

Also seen so very early.

Very obedient. LOL.

Have a great weekend ! I opened my e mail about an hour ago say 5:15 p.m. and my VIP invite was in my box

Grand opening Sat n Sun. eleven to eleven both days



Kathleen and Ron en route

We have spend our time chatting over fences, visiting Mom, painting, sanding, organizing and making our home more secure while preparing it for the storm season. All of Hesse jobs are labors of love we are glad to be doing. We miss socializing and having folks over for a get together usually involving libations, but we feel the more we stick to the guidelines the better the chance we can all really get back to work. We have not been to the places downtown we would love to is it and feel that’s our way to prolong this awful situation the world finds itself in at the present. In the meantime we have remained productive and mostly positive.l When we return to Germany we will have to quarantine again but will be able to go take a free Covid-19 test just showing our insurance cards and if negative, the quarantine will not be necessary altho things change daily. The German States have been changing guidelines as the situation develop. We pray there will be a vaccine developed as quickly as possible or at least a turn of events that ends all of this, and fervently wish we will return to Lake Worth Beach soon as it is where our hearts are. Quarantine on both sides of the Atlantic is not easy, but it’s what we have at the moment. We are so glad we got to spend our time here with so much that we love. Wish you all well. Stay safe.

Guest contributing blogger Kathleen

Greetings from ENGLAND still in LOCKDOWN. 6-29-20Then it’s throwback Thursday once again and this time we’re so close


…and a beautiful England at that, glorious weather, glorious surroundings, glorious happenings….well, a lot of it is glorious, even more so if we could, get of this virus which is causing mayhem everywhere in the world. but as I said last week, I’m trying not to mention the V word , so here it goes….. This week has been full of busyness, lots to do and lots to complete in a short time. It started with the community hub that I run, it’s a beautiful old church as you know and I am so passionate about community, I cannot wait to get started again with groups and courses and projects going on. To this end we have started to make it look fabulous, from the garden makeover I told you about a couple of weeks ago to the building itself. It has been used by stitchers and groups making scrubs and all manner of things to keep our nurses and doctors safe and now that has slowed down, we can move on.

The next project is making masks as the wearing of them will be mandatory as from July 4th you recognize that date of course!!! We have lots of stitchers busy on their sewing machines to make the masks from material that has been donated and left over from the scrub making. We are organizing a mask give away day on July 6th where we will unveil our mask tree which will be hung with masks for people . If they want to make a donation, they can and it all helps to keep the costs down, small donations add up to a big donation in the end. I am looking forward to that as it will get people in and it means lots of members of our community will feel safer when the new guidelines come into play, easing the lockdown.

Whilst we were discussing the tree project I happen to be talking about the wonderful peace poles that were created across America for World Peace Day. There are some in Lake Worth which of course, are beautiful Everyone thought the idea sounded great and so that will be another project!!! I love that we can now meet up with friends as long as we socially distance……and last Thursday we did just that, this time in a friend’s in -on-sea, a lovely fishing village and town, 10 miles down the coast from where I live. We decided to have Turkish food and we stopped of off the restaurant to pick up the food on our way, it was utterly delicious and just like old times, chatting and laughing and drinking the odd glass of wine. It is very noticeable that people are getting together, at the beginning of this endemic, it was eerily quiet, as people stayed home , only to venture out to get food or exercise, now we hear the sound of laughter and voices again. I love it! I also love that we can hear the children playing in the local primary school as they play outside at break times, a lovely sound. The beaches are still busy, particularly on weekends we tend to stay away when they are busy and go for a walk along the beach later in the evening when the crowds have thinned out. People are better now and social distancing is much in evidence. Paddle boarding has really taken of here as a new sport and the paddle boarders are out in force especially on weekends, it’s nice to see. The big news is that from the 4th we only have to stay 1 meter apart than 2 , I think it will be ok, it will certainly help the economy hugely as restaurants and pubs can reopen, in a new way of course. It will be very different as there will be new ways ordering and paying for drinks and food…….lots of eating and drinks al fresco to make it easier to keep distancing. Airlines are advertising flights and there are several countries we can travel to without having to quarantine 14 days upon our return, I think I will give it a miss for now. You appear to have a lot more freedom to travel as we do, has it changed at all? I heard about your new rule re wearing masks, a wise move if numbers are rising again. I have just finished the thought of the day board for tomorrow and it is day 98, only two more days till day 100, I think I will stop here. Please take care, have fun and stay happy ……..speak to you next week.

One more week and counting. 4-3-2020


Monday seemed so far away. I know what they like to what we should be doing. They have their devices but as yet, no internet. Going w the flow

Lunch at LW High school a welcome break

We get a break when we walk for lunch and at 3 we observe tea time. What did we not cover but meant to, was on my list as they do a great job of derailing me. LoL Ok let’s clean the bird Bath

Daily visitor

Where were we , spelling cursive, anything in our stream of consciousness, meant to cover but skipped over because “aren’t we doing this or that.” Vague promises to keep them engaged.

I let her illustrate my letters. I need stamps which became a field trip to the post office, which became a math lesson,, which became interactive as she gets to put stamps on my letters. We look at my stamp collection. I write, she writes her teacher Ms Roman that leads to spelling time. Ms roman must be a patient angel. She deals with multiples of just these two. How do you do it?

We spotted a blue bird, we are visited daily by birds. Even have an Ospry up high. Teaching moment.

Serendipity one happens to be blue

We view a videos on blue birds. Next morning their sharp eyes spot the tiny eggs. One is a delicate blue. Thanks Mother Nature for reinforcing this learning moment. Even I was thrilled.

Looking back at Monday so far away. Did we really . read about George Washington Carver. My eyes dropped as we are now reading “the Red Planet” TGIF Tea time becomes my time. They chat I retreat for a nap.

We make necklaces out of sea shells we gathered on the last day at the beach. Hours later the beaches were closed.

We started on Capitals. Hopefully internet will be available next week.

Leaping into March and there is something every weekend.


updated calendar. Added ❤️ 3 things

This weekend

Friday March 6 Two things you could attend. real Mail Friday 2-6 p.m Then Real Taste of Lake Worth Starts 6:30. Tkts still available.

See right above for ticket locations.

Takes place down the road at FAU 3rd fl. Of Wimberly library.
Jaffa Center for Book Arts. Take your address book they provide ephemera, postage plus coffee tea and crumpets.

Saturday March 7. Afternoon Reception at the Historical Museum for
Jill Karlin.

Saturday. March 7. FIESTA. At Memorial Park located so 6th Ave. and A street. Just of 6th st exit from I-95 expressway exit. Bring the kids they love trucks and fire engines. March 12 at our Lake WorthBeach Casino ballroom BS

Sunday March 15. St. Paddy’s Day Parade down Lake Ave. from M st to J st. This year sponsored by the NAPC Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents Council. The “Thursday night peddlers riding on Wednesday “ welcome any bike rider wearing green. We provide the green streamers for the handlebars.

Tuesday March 17. VOTE. Be sure to turn the page there is more.

Wednesday March 18, and every Wednesday join Commissioner Herman Robinson over coffee at the Book Cellar 9:3 – 11 :00 a.m.

Wednesdays every week sit and have coffee w Commissioner Herman Robinson at the Book Cellar.

Saturday March 21, 11:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. Flofing.

One of the best events of the year. If your new to Lake Worth Beach it’s the place to be. Have putter will play, a hat of sorts is recommended, make it silly.
Yes this is a hole. Proceed through neighbors gardens of Downtown Jewel neighborhood. Bone chance.,
Tickets. can be purchased on J st. @Rudy’s and Revelry pubs.

March 28-29. Pride fest. 12-6 p.m. both days. parade Is on Sunday. In Bryant Park bands and vendors both days. Tickets in advance only $8.

Yes it’s my oil painting. Inspired from last years parade. Recognize yourself? Go ahead and tag

This is a great time to be in south Florida and Lake Worth Beach. Join us for the March events. we are a quirky little sea side town that can.

Lake Worth Beach 1/1/2020


New Years starts with optimism and Lake Worth Beach’s first day was perfection. Everyone from the surrounding communities Loxahatchee, Wellington and Palm Beach converged on Lake Worth Beach. A happy day as The only flag flying was yellow meaning, calm seas, no critters biting. Perfect for shelling and sun worshiping. A red letter day as The newest addition to the Little Free Libraries opened auspiciously yesterday with fanfare and deservedly so. It’s a “mini me” and belongs to none other than to Mary who has done so much to bring the many LFL to Lake Worth Beach. If you can read a book a day you’d be in heaven here. Each of our 16 neighborhoods embraced this project. Don’t have to look far to get the kind of book that you want to read, some of these actually specialize either Florida history or just for children it’s all available in Lake Worth Beach Don’t stop now, take a little bike ride. What I love to do is to look at the decorations, recently on NPR we were mentioned having spectacular lights in our neighborhoods. Our cute seaside cottages decorate and These particular decorations are best enjoy during the daytime. ha ha life in paradise we call it “Lake Worth Beach” our quirky little seaside town.

Day 26 2019 Visitors from afar at our Beach


Sun is shining and the beach is beckoning. First thing I saw was the red and purple warning flags above the Lifeguard stand. I gave up trying to keep my cap on the wind was at least 20 miles an hour. The white caps are beautiful as the waves crash into each other, but no swimming. My friend and I took off on a walk heading south w the wind behind us. As we came onto the beach this couple was just emptying a bag of trash. We encountered them again on our return and yes they had trash in their bag again. They are from Canada. Thank you! And on we went to meet the next couple and of course I asked and yes they also were picking up trash. Mom is visiting from Atlanta . Thank You!My small bag also held plastic trash, I mention it as it was .suppose to have sea shells which I collect to make earrings. Small sacrifice when people who do not even live here care enough to make my Lake Worth Beach beautiful. My companion always picks up trash. Yesterday she and her family spent their time Christmas Day picking up trash. Not much action on the beach this morning. The purple flag warns about sea creatures and I spotted lots of baby jelly fish that the waves tossed ashore. a couple from Sweden Hello Montreal

Lake Worth Beach is a place to go to enjoy our awesome sunshine even if you can’t get into the water right now.. Happy Holliday to all our visitors.

Part two: Going with the Flowo


Sunday started slow but it was the icing on the cake. We had Tuscan breakfast at home at my artist friend Sherrie’s. Only two things left on the agenda as we woke to a cold day.

We took a leisure stroll around the Biltmore to admire some of the faux work she is credited with in the Lobby. Learned that that their pool is the largest in the country. Elegant old world hotel. In the lobby also where two large bird cages, home to gold fiches. So, I was going to paint sea gulls but now, it will be gold finches on gold leaf ground. Look at how the Finches food is presented. First Class all the way.

Then to the Coral Gables Museum. It’s a fairly new Museum entree fee $8. Worth every penny. The presentation of all 3 exhibits on display, exquisite! Nothing was crowded, making viewing a pleasure of the Peruvian photography of only 22 images. “Less is more” was never truer. The Historical aspect of Merrick, oh my, oh my.! Now to the exhibit by our Lake Worth Beach kids about their Maya culture was so well executed. There was video, Self portraits reinterpreted into textiles. The artists who worked on this project with the Children of the Maya Center should be lauded. This art exhibit/instillation should have longevity. I can’t mention everyone’s name but let me put name to image here. Left to right. Jessica Domingo, Mia Ruiz and Rodolfo Velazquez.A show I highly recommend. fIf you head to the Book Fair this is a worthwhile excursion or a $5 round trip Tri-Rail ride on The Weekend. There is a lovely gift shop managed by Books n Books and the museum also houses the Coral Gables Information Center. The day ended in a surreal Gustav Klimt moment as we entered the Starbucks cafe. Lol. “The KISS”. All things come to an end as it got considerably colder.

Going with the flow


just discovered that the international Book Fair starts this coming weekend. Headlining is Debra Harry starting Wed. 8 pm. And Friday is Free all day. Im bringing six programs to the Book Cellar for any bibliophile interested ‘in the going ins of major event. Does John Waters ring a bell, he’ll be there as well. Last year I purchased Supreme Court Judge Soto Mayors children’s book autographed for the Royal Poinciana neighborhood fundraiser. 20 dollar investment turned into $75 in our raffle.

Went down Friday to Books and Books in Coral Gables for a reading/presentation of Banana Republic artist/Buddhist Roberta Marks. Enjoyed seeing old friends. Next morning early start recycling electronics , paints hazardous chemicals two times a year at Coral Gables City Hall. On to my favorite breakfast place Coral Bagels where my and Fred’s art posters hang among all the other Coconut Grove Festival posters on display. Among them on the wall is my framed portrait as a King Mango Strutters. That made the front page. So this time I took photo of myself. Lots of fun as the wait staff make me feel like a star. Those that do not know me are soon regaled of my presence. LoL I was seated right under my portrait.

Next stop Bal Harbour for a gig at the brand new St. Regis 24 floor condo, with a view Right onto on the beach from the 14th floor. The job was faux finishing 3 outlet covers to to match the marble counter top. Each required an hour of patience. Then the clear blue waters of Surfside Beach beckoned.

There I also visited the post office. They’ve been decorated for Christmas already for two weeks. ( I asked) No such progress in our 33460 office, this past Friday before my departure via Tri-rail. Walked up and down Surfside past Kosher shop, closed, bridal Boutique, Starbucks, old fashioned Barbershop. A bit dazed, as I came to. felt I had fallen into a rabbit hole as I emerged at the Bal Harbour crossing.

To be continued!

Part two of going w the flow. SUNDAY This is exciting about the Guatemala children’s exhibit in Coral Gables Museum . Stay tuned next blog.

Hello from N.Y.

Enjoying our beach while looking for a condo in our area

Being in the moment is always preferable. This morning an unexpected soft knock offered up the world and I was ready. Had contacted the kids in my hood. “tomorrow is low tide want to go to the beach , be at my house, bus leaves at 9a.m. If answer is yes let me know.

Only a half hour later the beach was full of umbrellas

Almost did not make the bus, we were on time. I did not have a mask and pulling up my shirt to cover my mouth was not allowed. Yet my charge had a mask. How embarrassing. Bus driver was adamant. NO ! A black lady from the back held up a mask, it was new, I offered her money, she refused. Could not thank her enough. Was not about me but the disappointment of my charge. I wished the lady well, when she got off the bus and hoped she would have a great rest of the day. Driver could not I.d. her this was the first time she had her as a passenger.

Hello from Port St Lucie

Corina and I hit the water. It was bliss. today we learned to snorkel no seashells and no fish so we concentrated on form. Left her to her own devices. Then a family arrived with a little girl. Great, looked like her age. We asked if she would like a playmate. A match! and off to the wide blue ocean with loud squeals was Corina and Malia. I took photos and sketched.

Oh to be young
Hello from Boynton Beach. New arrivals w Malia

This was their favorite beach in the area. The kids happily played stayed occupied. I mentioned the farmers market happening not far away. Should they be not to exhausted after the beach. Drop by the Historical Museum I’ll be there volunteering this afternoon on 1-4 p.m. .

Two hours of tropical bliss seemed to pass quickly. We wandered over to the market. It was busy busy. Ran into two sketching friends

We sit where there is shade. LOL

great day to enjoy the market. Saw everything, Corina wanted popcorn and I got a loaf of bread. The bus arrived just as scheduled and we came home. FYI. As yet parking is not an issue but the SATURday bus runs on the half hour. Departs 7 min after the hour from the beach.

We picked flowers en route home for her mom. Hope she had a time to remember, as she hits her teens. Corina is nine, Malia is 7. Till another such day where we live in the moment here in our own Lake Worth Beach Paradise.

Busman’s Holiday

Any day enjoying art away from the easle in the company of another creative becomes is a mini vacation.

Favorite destination, just down the road. Thriving with art galleries. Bedner’s Farm Fresh Market was a stop for a bite. Just a short jaunt from Art Warehouse. First Friday is coming up.

Large project renovating a out door mural

DelRay not far away. We spent time watching the world go by on Atlantic Ave. If the galleries were open, and they were we made their acquaintances. We found artists holding down the fort.

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Before it was a thing!

Urban Sketching has been around forever, but now it is a recognized art form. Formerly known as a “thumb nail sketch” or stretching it a bit, a paste up.

I with Anne E Hochtor. This very morning
Had a great out loud laugh today, as I was working my way down the page the fountain was turned on saved me from xtra details.

9a.m. Rosemary Square Sept. 5
Carl Stoveland sketching at Four Arts

Many weeks ago now, Anne E. Hochtor put a little blurb on FB, was there any interest in drawing together on location. Meet at Common Ground Cafe at such and such a time. It was a bleak day. Carl was there, I came, then Anne. She approached Carl. I did not know her. Thus was born the Lake Worth Beach Urban Sketchers. At the very first meet-up 12 artists showed up.

Note the date, 2006

As the weeks progresses I realized I’ve done this before. Now it has a name. I drew in a small notebook, every time I went to the hospital w my husband. Got so good on the 25 min train ride that I was able to do all the passengers in our car. Where as at the beginning I was lucky to sketch one person. Even sketched patients sitting across from us in the waiting rooms.

2006. I’m the poster Artist

How was it that I became the Poster Artist, and got the key to Miami Beach. I was sketching the newly built Life Guard stands that became the iconic symbol of South Beach. ( see sketch above dated 2006 ) yes there is more of a back story. Artists draw things they like and later in the studio develops an idea. Since then, many artist have done their variation of these very same Life Guard Stands.

This sketch of mine ended up in a coloring book.

Check with any artist worth their salt. They have a sketchbook. At the outset of art school they are required to keep one. I have many spanning years. They not only hold drawings but notes, contact phone #, a myriad of thoughts, dates, shamefully not dedicated strictly to art but all relating to art. Our ideas can go wild as no one really sees our humble efforts.

At Rosemary Sq. Joined us today Lives is West Palm Beach

Carl has taken on the task of doing the media, sends out notifications as to next location. Usually 2 per week and with his busy schedule, he also teaches this art form at Mounds Botanical Gardens for those who are interested. Anne does the scouting. I must thank both for opening this door.

Getting better from my first feeble efforts

Ck in on Face Book, think you would enjoy drawing. You are not required to be an artist. Just enjoy the company the outdoors and similar interests. Takes very few tools. Anyone can do this. Find help on you tube under sketching. Sign up for virtual instructions. Once upon a time only photographers had the tools and skill now with I Phones everyone who tries can do. Such it is with urban sketching. Find a group to join. If your in Palm Beach area join this one.

Trip to the hospital

A precursor to what was just a day away. I saw but did not understand what I was witnessing at the moment. I posted a small blurb on face book so more would see. This was important, but they also did not comprehend what was being foreshadowed.

waited long enough to be able to sketched and fed ducks. 4 hrs in line

Here is what I shared after a few hours home. Now there was a Delta virus. Who knew. Found myself having Violent vertigo, and fever. I took periodic cold showers till I found myself possessed . Slammed from one wall into garden gate, into a pole. Felt no pain, just could no stay upright. TP brought me gatoraid to help the dehydration. Took me to Urgent care. They wanted $150 for a Covid test. We knew it’s suppose to be free. However, they are in business. She got the first available appointment from CVS for the next morning. I tried to steady myself and went through a glass table. Could not stay upright. Could not navigate without turning over a chair. I was in trouble. Reaching a bookcase to pull myself up, on the 3rd try, I reached it finally only to tumble the entire content.

We made the 10:15 appt. at CVS but results but would have to wait for results later in the day. By afternoon another friend dropped by. She saw the chaos, yelled thru the door “raise both your hands”. LOL. I caught the humor of this through my haze. Not a heart attack.

This was when I was vaccinated

EMT took me to JFK a 7 min. Ride. Here is where it gets interesting. I had been vaxed but without I.d. No vax card on me. I had been vaxed, told them. How do they know. We are sitting in a line behind 5 EMT vehicles as if on a tarmac ready for take off. I’m wheeled into a Covid ward passing seeing some very ill people with skin tones that looked like, they are about to pass on. Legs dangling from a bed. I can only observe. I’m in a solo room. First thing, I get a Covid test, see no one for hours. Have needles in my arms feel little to nothing. It’s dusk another Covid test.

Morning I speak to the nurse who tells me CVS rang in around 5:30 yesterday and I’m Covid free as are the two tests from the hospital.

Dr enters my room waving papers as if scolding a child. “You have Covid” “no I do not”. He reiterates with same gesture “ you have Covid you’r in this room”. Now, my survival instincts take over I prop up and inform him what nurse told me earlier. He hesitates but a second later looks at the paper work. “ ah you have Pneumonia walks over taps my back two times and walks to door. I shoot back at him “Who Trained you?” *

The next person who entered the room and all that followed “get me out of here”. they are looking for an open bed elsewhere. A male nurse wheeled me out a different direction from where I came in. Closer to some electric doors. I notice we just entered this extremely large room as if it was ready in case of a disaster ( how can I think like this?) Never realized they had such a large space and we go thru another set of see-through plastic strips. A hallway and a set of elevators. Down we go!, doors open up and I’m now in the Hospital population. I’m taken into a dbl. room with only one bed hastily prepared for me. I’m put on probiotics, lots of liquids, plus fooood. By now I’m famished grabbed the chicken placed before me. With my hands ( bad form) next the green beans, moist but bitter. Yes, with fingers. No TV worth watching except badly done cosmetic surgeries gone wrong.

The view from my room.

Released, feeling weak but on the mend. At home after a few days the news, there is now a Diviant coronavirus. I write this today Aug. 24 2021. And Florida has the highest death rate and is 8th in the world with Covid outbreak. I was in Hospital around July 18.

*. I spent many day’s in hospital w my husband as he went through Cancer treatment. Only went home to shower never left his side. Loved our Drs.

A Day at Phipps Beach Ocean Park

the abandoned Rescue boat

Not easy to dedicate a whole day to go out and paint, my friend was here for the 4th of July Raft Race and checking in with friends an overnight was arranged. We were given left over food from the feast that we eagerly accepted as we could picnic on site.

Breakfast en route Corner of Lake Ave. n s Palmway

Checking FB on waking to see all the parade pix one of the posts showed a new restaurant cafe opening with Epenadas. Had just been introduced to them and liked them, it was enroute to Palm Beach Island. We sat outside, but opted for menu specials. Happily got back in the car with anticipation.

20 x 24.

Parked in a nice shady spot, we were going to paint 4 hours just like the British “Landscape Artist of the Year”. Which we both had been binge watching. Got my box out which I’d not used in a few years, scrambling to make sure I had a good palette. Sherrie has been painting Fairchild Garden and was organized. “Where is my Canvas?.” As we got out of car. We’d planned to go out around four in the afternoon for the light.. Weather merchant predicting rain and H Elsa was in Cuba heading our way. We decided better go early so was discombobulated. Sherrie hands me a 8×10 canvas. NO, not acceptable to her 20×20 canvas. Back track home. Canvas was leaning outside my door ok now retracing our steps via a Starbucks stop and a water. Thank goodness for the water.

See the cup of water, LOL. ( water for cleaning brushes )

We timed our start to make sure we put in 4 hrs and see how we end. “Artists your time starts now” I mimicked the show commentator.

We paint differently this was her beginning, a sketch. Me, straight for the paint for an impressionistic scene
Ck out some other artist used the table as a palette. Really!

Half way through I took a dip and ate. Sherrie took her break much later she was into this En Plein Air day and would not be distracted. Few people passed in this private area, the comments came from the kids “cool”. With about half an hour to go I announced “Artists you have a half An hour”. Just like the Lady in the StarArts show. Then “ Put your brushes Down”.

Maybe a little touch up later after they have rested.

We took a half hour swim. Made it home just as the raindrops hit the window of the car. good Planning. We have already spotted our next location for a bit of David Hockney.

Raft Race Returns 2021

The 4th of July Raft Race has been launched. Inaugural event took place at Mathews located on s H St. at this writing 7 Lake Worth Neighborhoods have thrown out a challenged to NA fellow party goers

The committee that made it happen

Not seen is the Jell-O shot toast. That followed the above photo. Opening this event officially, after Capt. And crew meeting decided there are no rules and after filling up their souvenir commemorative glasses.

Read carefully
College Park R e a d y
1st to trash talk
MC. Craig Rise and Jon Faust
Parrot Cove mascot
Parrot Cove crew accepting the challenge

Parrot Cove came with very authentic noisy sound effects from the crew. Accepting all challenges. And not to be outdone each neighborhood took turns at the mike. Erika from Mango Grove was silent. Secret secret weapon?

Intimidation tactics from this quarter
after the initial meeting, all welcome
So happy to see each other hugs even among challengers
The dark horse challenger

Music at Bandshell Lake Worth Beach

Something wonderful happened during Memorial Day weekend. Music at our bandshell. I share 20 plus photos but take a moment to also read the blog. LOL

Acquaintances and new friends

A city of acquaintances and friends met for music in the park. What a novel idea. We in Lake Worth Beach have a park and a city of talented musicians. It takes but one creative in this case, George Orr. Who spearheaded this.

Do I see one of our talented musicians.

I think I managed to capture all the folks who came out for the free concert this past Saturday.

What if this could be the scene every weekend. When not booked.

What a good appreciative group of Lake Worthians. Tag yourselfs. We are the ones who support our city and should express ourselves. So your thoughts please.

Under the shade
Our local troubadours THANK YOU

The Band stand exists. Why not make it utilitarian. Let local bands , musicians jamb. How about Shakespeare in the park. Invite local musicians for a 2 hour performance when not booked. Invite them via an open call. They will all bring their followers, and the rest of us get exposed to our diverse neighbors music. Win win!

Romantic tunes

Oh how about our own High School band practice. I can just see so many families who have never been to this park. It’s all possible. “ Feels like Home to Me”.

Love the tunes Kelly and George performed.
Romance is in the air
Yes, he played the Star Spangled Banner
Close to a hundred attended
Awesome. THANK YOU Kelly n George and Ben. Sorry do not know names of the others .

A wonderful time was had by all. How about the establishments from downtown sponsor a band, for a two hour performance. I’d come and have a drink in appreciation of the community support.

We all met our newest resident. This town is awesome.

Did I mention that many got up and danced also. As I was dancing I did not get that picture ck in with Tom Johnson.

Immersed in VAN GOGH

Perfect gift for an artist. This is the experience. So many have asked and the secret location. Two locations were alluded to, the Olympia Theatre and the IcePalace. I was there And still clueless. It’s close to the Bacardi Bldg. on Miami Ave. I could not recognize the sky line. If your using gps dbl ck as we went thru tunnel into Cruise Ship docking area. LOL

He wrote lots of illustrated letters.

We arrived w some time to spare, place looked like this. Valet highly recommended $20. Take the pressure off from traveling I-95. Relax they have a snack bar.

non descriptive, ck your gps twice

A garden area w yellow picnic tables and lots of hammocks, maybe 20 or so at the valet/entry area. You’ll enjoy this as they adhere to schedule. And you’ll take the stress from traveling I-95 or going around in circles, Miami is so full of new construction.

My art patron and friend Charlotte formerly of LWB

Self guided tour through a maze of quotes in case you know little of this artist and his thinking. All quotes have Spanish translations.

Then you enter a vast room ( a former ice rink? ). It sold out quickly it comes w fabulous accolades from Paris. My friend saw this and Klimt in Paris. Met some ladies from Hobbie Sound. So definitely it is a destination for art lovers and connoisseurs of Vincent. I have 5 books about him . Plus named my none for profit art organization after him “the One Ear Society . After all we could do better in sales. He never sold the first painting. LoL now he is all the rage **. Where else it’s showing .

My favorite immersion

Took several videos as transitions happen before your very eyes. Great recall of the most famous images. Because your so involved it seemed far shorter than the 75 min. “exit through the gift shop”. There find T-shirts, cups, puzzles and of course the place had decor elements borrowed from Van Gogh’s paintings

Would you have resisted, not I

My lovely earrings came from the Actual VanGogh Museum, they were gift wrapped and presented to me on our arrival. I put them on before entering. You are able to order from the actual Van Gogh museum Holland, hundreds of more gift items.

Waiting for valet

Now if your not able to make this, I located on Utube 33 min video from Toronto. What you miss, will be the fact that it overpowers you via the giant moving imagery. The acoustics well.

** there are several companies that now produce this. If your curious do go onto you tube. I’m but an amateur with video.

Yes I was here.

Where are they now ? Throw back T

Feel free to tag if you know. Well, as I was finally sorting my large cachet of pictures. Well over a thousand I came across all sorts of categories memory’s Most interestingly are some of these. So yes, they are Throw back Thursday but more like. Where are they now?

Or how old are they now
Once a month at beanies the ladies of MLWB

So here are friends we miss

Haven’t seen them in ages.

Feel free to rag and update

Haven’t seen one of these in ages
Truly miss them
One of my all time favorites created the whole outfit. Always got prizes
We still meet leisure service volunteers Erika took photo
Yes cottages did sponsor a spot