lost blog which i have had over 3 years

I have used proper channels, with out response Explaining everything fully all i get back is automated response that contradicts factslike “not recognizing” site name, my premium upgrade payment. etc. I no longer use the e mail add that i signed in with over 3 years ago. I always stayed logged in so did not use password. your automated response says it does not recognize my I.D purchase I made which you automatically bill me annually for premium. I have waited and waited longer periods without response. my e mail is annamariahunt@me.com my initial premium purchase was done Aug. 28, 2013 via a debit visa.
I was in middle of editing my blog and as I had to wait for confirmation of facts i emptied google chrome cookies and cachet there i lost everything and could not return to page, nor log in. sincerely AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt annamariahunt@me.com.

I thought to regurgitate http://www.lakewortheveryminute.com or http://www.artdazzlelakeworth.com.
I find it on google the banner has seashells as this is a beach community. most of what i post is about our going ons and never anything negative.
Getting way behind and found out people do read my blog who do not do FB HELP Don’t want to loose my followers.
AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt

ps as it was so long ago that i started the blog i also no longer use the e mail that i opened it with.

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