more about the King Mango Strut

this graces my office, signed by the artist.

Highlights of the King Mango Strut as I witnessed it.  I shall never forget the Chonga Girls.  Nice Catholic girls taking a swipe at bad form latinas.  They were a you tube sensation, here is their participation in the KMSrut.  I suggest you actually google you tube for Congaliscious and see them up close and personal.  kept me in stitches..  the One Ear Society took on the Weapons of mass destruction, Bush years.  We turned it into the Weapons of Mass Distraction. “The Weirdest Parade in the Universe that brought you The Marching Freds, The Synchronize Briefcase Brigade, The Booger King, The Million Chad March, The League of Dead Voters, Cuban Eye for the Gringo Guy, Idu Grab Prison, Weapons of Mass Distraction, Osama Piñata, The Hare Krishnas and the Running of the ...yes that would be the LW Hashers. “occasionaly we did a routine. We came out with Barets and black capes a la Francaise. Did a little number and exposed our construction cone brassieres with blinking lights inside, we out did Madonna.  It was a hit.  Not sure how we thought of these things.  definitely they were a distraction.

The Creator of the King Mango Strut Parade Glen Terry with the distaction.

Artist Mr. Flood with Audrey on a Pennyfarthing.



In 2001 the film Moulin Rouge came out and we at the One Ear Society had a ball with that one.  One of our quadriplegics artist Bill White became “Too loose to trek”  what a good sport RIP.

Bill Whiting , he drew with a mahlstick in his mouth.

these photos from an actual photo album



taken 1987

photo here was taken by Harry Emilio Gottlieb “Asked the old codger to please pose for me. By now he must be in King Mango Strut Heaven. The skimpily clad gals in the background are straddling a bomb or missile, that is wrapped in newspaper stories of the War. I even sold a few prints.”  Harry

anything goes

the year of the pussy


he was a lone strutter, just perfect somethings don’t change he can just redo the sign a bit. 

oh the crowd 10 deep in many places

The ladies holding their own

When they did this I didn’t  know what a hash tag was.  a whole new younger set is signing on.

We should invite a group or two up here to Lake Worth  for our 4th of July raft race.  only difference is ours is on the water.

Lake Worth person named Grand Marshal

It’s official! Selected as the GRAND MARSHAL  of the 37th annual King Mango Strut Parade this Sunday a Lake Worth performance artist.  Yours truly will be Hurricane IRMA

A parody satire of all that was crazy this past year.  What to expect,  So some groups wait to the last minute, never know what hits the headlines the day before the parade.  This year on the line up  see Covefefe a dance to the Macarena, Opiod Czar -Kelly Ann Conway,   Omarosa with her meager belongings leaving the White House.  ITS GOING TO BE HUGE, ITS GOING TO BE GREAT, ITS GOING TO BE ORANGE. Can’t make it down there there is always a live stream video at

the Jury, NOT

There has always been a symbiotic thing going on between Lake Worthians and those friends south of us.   The Running of the Bullshitters has been a group participating yearly,  Along with MENSA,   Parrot Heads of Miami,  Barnacle State Historic Park friends

Lake Worthians

.  Seen above Tammy Pansa and Bob Lepa,   TJ Delaney seen below and  Cohorts (feel free to add your name if your one of them ) Only Last year we had a large group spoofing ISIS Mel and Vinnie carpooled and met up with Pedro  Gabriel and Marshal Pass.Video of that parade   23 min compilation here      Year before the Dead Heads in honor of Fred Hunt who was carried for the last time through the parade (as he was one of the original MARCHING FREDS) right behind, his widow in long black gown carrying his remains,  behind her was the 2nd Line New Orleans Band playing a dirge.

I could not think this year, Mel came up with this great idea.

environmental protest song by Mel and Vinnie performing for thousands, a different year.

Each year LW contingency has grown larger and larger. Some historyA funny thing happened on the way to the Orange Bowl Parade. Well, f or one thing, they wanted a lot of money just to get in. Then there was a limit to how many units could be in the parade and a design committee to approve your design.” LOL

“Bill and Glenn wanted to enter as the Merry Mango Marching Band, wearing conch shells on their heads, playing kazoos and banging on garbage cans. The committee rejected them!”    “Who needs King Orange – we’ve got King Mango!,” Glenn said.”       (See any similarity to the  Lake Worth Kitchen Band ).

Lake Worth

self explanatory

The last year of the defunct  King Orange Parade, the  committee marched for the last time in the King Mango Strut Parade in their official orange Jackets.  Here is a behind the scene from the Windisch-Hunt Fine Art Gallery staging area, for One Ear Society the morning of. Your sure to recognize some of the players of 2009 .  Barbie turned 50 and 50 Barbie dolls were in that pink dress by  Regina  McFall costume shop technician at the University of Miami’s Ring Theater  a regular strutter.   One Ear Society strutted for 17 years bring joy to the kids lining the parade route via great costuming.  Kids might not get the political satire but they always enjoy the fancy costuming by the OES art group.

Girls just want to have fun

this was a good one we had a dance routine.

from my photo album

Boys like to have fun too

He was offered a ride with the drummers

He opted to walk his last parade (love this phot)

Throw back Thursday 2

Not going to run out of photos anytime soon.  Sharing 17 here  Many were part of a blog post but not used as there was a photo more specific to the post.   Next year,  I will elucidate a bit more on each photo.  Enjoy the memories  Yes, we are all a few years older and looking back we were a darn good looking Lake Worthians. To the dancers dance though the New Year.   Anyone can leave a comment or observation on the blog. 

The force be with you

“the Force be with you” was the theme of this years Holiday Parade, before the parade here is what was going on on our Cultural Plaza.  Thanks to Kiwanis * For the parade go to Kristen  Caoughlin Carr for a live feed of the parade. then the photographers of our town are Tom Johnson, Shawn D. Moss and of course Leonard Bryant and perhaps there will be enough room in the Lake Worth Herald’s Thursdays edition,  as Mark Easton was out covering our event. Activities were available for all the kids all afternoon thanks to Kiwanis who manned the fun stations on  our cultural plaza.  Then the main event was the Bike-give-away.  The very first bike went to this young man.

doing the honors where Commissioners Andy Amaroso, Herman Robinson, our Mayor Pam and Commissioner Scott Maxwell

After that it was have your the blue ticket the white ticket and the force was with those who thought hard on their numbers to be called.

I have the blue ticket

a feel good story  your won’t necessarily know about. One little girl won a bike.  Gary’s little girl, had actually won a bike  a year ago.  She turned around and gave the bike  just won, to a friend who did not have a bike.  Merry Christmas Gary and your family,  your doing something right.

expressions are hard to capture they are fleeting  “I can’t believe I got a bike” just before this she had her hand over her mouth.

applause due Yolanda she stepped up and helped with translations


over 75 happy campers went home with bikes for Christmas.


Throw back Thursday

Do you remember any of these moments.  feel free to chime in.    Yes we are quirky little seaside town,  See what we have been up to.  Do you remember? .  I’ll start first, an even 10 pictures  here, where you there?

a professional recording studio

A gift from the Maroon 5 for Sacred Heart Catholic School.  

    This was during the Lake Worth’s Centennial,  100 mail art pieces from around the world.

your comments are always welcome.   LOL   Oh I have so many more as I’m cleaning out 45,000 photos to keep this computer working.  Sane advice from the Genius Bar. till next week.

BIG Announcement


Last night McMow Art Glass held its annual holiday party with the Thursday Night Peddlers caroling the over flow crowd.  Check out Maryellen’s live feed.  It was a well attended, you had to be there to hear a major announcement.  It is major!  IMG_1232New products were demonstrated and for the entire day there were specials and discounts on  glass art supplies and upcoming classes.  If your quick you might still find a Groupon on the internet. IMG_1215.JPG  As most of us are aware there have been rumors about them moving,  selling the building, and yet just rumors.  Taylor, Phil and Shanon’s daughter, had center stage as she made the big announcement. Drum roll please……Introducing the McMow Art Glass Institute their 501.c3.  IMG_1227.JPGSpearheaded by Taylor and a select strong board of directors, all were introduced at last night’s event.  Taylor comes with experience having worked with the non-profit sector in the Washington DC area in low-income housing and a full understanding of how this can change many lives and communities.   They will be reaching about 300 individuals per year including children attending title One/low-income schools, Veterans coping with PTSD, individuals in recovery programs, and individuals diagnosed with autism. 

They,  McMow have been searching for a long time for a new space, parking always an issue and so they are making this bold move.  Now or never.  Particularly as they had hosted this Pop-Up Shops, and the Glass Quest Conference in West Palm Beach this past summer and very successful.  A good indicator that the  central Palm Beach county area is ready for this next stage of expansion.  They have secured several locations and partnered to have off site classes.IMG_1219.JPGany one can make these charming glass gifts.  

Support your local artists is always my motto,  especially with such a strong tie to our community.  41 years in Lake Worth . They are located at 701 n Dixie Hwy  and you can reach them  561-585-9011 or visit


The Holidays have arrived

Pretty amazing turn out on the Cultural Plaza this past Friday Night.  So many things going on in town.* .  The tree lighting was enhanced by the new paint job on the old Courthouse annex building.   So many of the usual suspects were there volunteers from all over the city, employees, and a good number of visitors sprinkled in between Lake Worth residents.

happy background for a happy event

Our Mayor Palm did a countdown for the tree lighting.  Everything went according to plan and no one was disappointed.  Not just the tree but have a look at the background of our Annex on the Cultural Plaza that houses the Lake Worth Historic Museum on the upper floors and the Visitor Information booth on the ground level.  Guest performers were from Boca and the young dancers from our own Downtown Dance Co. who kept us entertained with their smiles and choreography.  Friends met up with friends and lots of selfies to remember this evening by. last tree photos here Courtesy Tom JohnsonAids Quilt now at Compass Community Ctr.