BIG Announcement


Last night McMow Art Glass held its annual holiday party with the Thursday Night Peddlers caroling the over flow crowd.  Check out Maryellen’s live feed.  It was a well attended, you had to be there to hear a major announcement.  It is major!  IMG_1232New products were demonstrated and for the entire day there were specials and discounts on  glass art supplies and upcoming classes.  If your quick you might still find a Groupon on the internet. IMG_1215.JPG  As most of us are aware there have been rumors about them moving,  selling the building, and yet just rumors.  Taylor, Phil and Shanon’s daughter, had center stage as she made the big announcement. Drum roll please……Introducing the McMow Art Glass Institute their 501.c3.  IMG_1227.JPGSpearheaded by Taylor and a select strong board of directors, all were introduced at last night’s event.  Taylor comes with experience having worked with the non-profit sector in the Washington DC area in low-income housing and a full understanding of how this can change many lives and communities.   They will be reaching about 300 individuals per year including children attending title One/low-income schools, Veterans coping with PTSD, individuals in recovery programs, and individuals diagnosed with autism. 

They,  McMow have been searching for a long time for a new space, parking always an issue and so they are making this bold move.  Now or never.  Particularly as they had hosted this Pop-Up Shops, and the Glass Quest Conference in West Palm Beach this past summer and very successful.  A good indicator that the  central Palm Beach county area is ready for this next stage of expansion.  They have secured several locations and partnered to have off site classes.IMG_1219.JPGany one can make these charming glass gifts.  

Support your local artists is always my motto,  especially with such a strong tie to our community.  41 years in Lake Worth . They are located at 701 n Dixie Hwy  and you can reach them  561-585-9011 or visit