The force be with you

“the Force be with you” was the theme of this years Holiday Parade, before the parade here is what was going on on our Cultural Plaza.  Thanks to Kiwanis * For the parade go to Kristen  Caoughlin Carr for a live feed of the parade. then the photographers of our town are Tom Johnson, Shawn D. Moss and of course Leonard Bryant and perhaps there will be enough room in the Lake Worth Herald’s Thursdays edition,  as Mark Easton was out covering our event. Activities were available for all the kids all afternoon thanks to Kiwanis who manned the fun stations on  our cultural plaza.  Then the main event was the Bike-give-away.  The very first bike went to this young man.

doing the honors where Commissioners Andy Amaroso, Herman Robinson, our Mayor Pam and Commissioner Scott Maxwell

After that it was have your the blue ticket the white ticket and the force was with those who thought hard on their numbers to be called.

I have the blue ticket

a feel good story  your won’t necessarily know about. One little girl won a bike.  Gary’s little girl, had actually won a bike  a year ago.  She turned around and gave the bike  just won, to a friend who did not have a bike.  Merry Christmas Gary and your family,  your doing something right.

expressions are hard to capture they are fleeting  “I can’t believe I got a bike” just before this she had her hand over her mouth.

applause due Yolanda she stepped up and helped with translations


over 75 happy campers went home with bikes for Christmas.


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