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Theresa Mangini

       I am thrilled that AnnaMaria asked me to be a guest on                 her blog and write about my experience with Diner en Blanc. 

Just as Lake Worth’s Dîner en Blanc was started with a handful of friends Francois Pasquier started Le Dîner en Blanc de Paris nearly 30 years ago with a handful friends. It now assembles over 10,000 guest every year. The most prestigious sites have played host to the event over the years: The Pont des Arts, the Eiffel Tower, the Château de Versailles, the Esplanade de Notre-Dame, the Champs-Élysées, Le Louvre Pyramid. 

       I have attended 3 of these official Diner en Blanc events in Philadelphia and New Orleans. They are much more formal and structured with a lot of rules and a much higher price tag. It is also a very complicated procedure just to get invited. I haven’t attend AnnaMaria’s in the past but it looked so beautiful, with amazing sites in public places , much less complicated, and of course much less expensive .      When I attended there was a mandatory pre-meeting to explain the rules, which were: you were only allowed to have white wine and no beer. Tables had to be the exact size, chairs had to be white and you needed a center piece. Candles were also required. No plastic was allowed. Only white table cloths and clothe napkins. White china, silverware and glass stemware. Clothing had to be white head to toe, no ivory or cream colors. A white plastic bag for trash at end.

     We were sent an email a few days before where to meet our table leader. On the day of the event we would meet at designated place with all of our picnic gear and food in tow. From there we would take public transportation to the secret location. It was quite an ordeal doing this at rush hour in large cities. But, it was also very exciting and really amusing to see the expressions on the faces of commuters as we piled on the subway with tables, chairs and picnic baskets all dressed in white.

As we followed into our secret location the table leader gave us a number on a stick and we were to place our tables in numerical order next to each other to form a long banquet table. We were giving white balloons to tie to our chairs, pretty white masks to wear and sparkles to light later.

  As we set up strolling violins played. Soon we were all not strangers any more we were neighbors sharing a meal on a lovely summer evening at a magnificent public location in our fair city. Soon the band started playing. We were told to light our sparklers at 10 pm as the band struck up We are Family. Everyone began dancing with each other as though we were life long friends. Soon after we were asked to stand and wave out white napkins above our heads in honor of the hosts who organized the event.There were prizes for best center piece, best table setting, best ladies outfit, best gents outfit. 

All three events I attended were remarkable and memorable.  I’m sure that Lake Worth’s Diner en Blanc will be as remarkable also, but much less complicated, costly and won’t involve a subway. 

     I am so looking forward to  Diner en Blanc in my favorite town in the world. Creating a magical moment with my wonderful diverse neighbors in their chic white attire outdoors under the biggest super moon of the century with a glass of champagne to toast….Sante !!!

A votre sante

Announcement next year, this event will benefit the Royal Poinciana neighborhood.


ultimate photo album from last year 

Winners Casino Beach

Last Tuesday at City Hall,  a wonderful announcement was made recognizing Lake Worth in a very  positive way.  For the 2nd year in a row our Leisure Service dept. /Casino Ballroom staff has received an award for the work they have accomplished in short time.  Having been fortunate to witness several weddings ( I spend a lot of time at the beach a lot aka mermaid) this is what it what it looks like as a spectator out at the Lake Worth Beach, quite exciting.  The award came from Couples Choice and Wedding Wire where future brides  and their mothers investigate Beach weddings, tropical weddings, ocean view weddings, island weddings.  Yet don’t have to pay the price to go to an island. Everyone loves to share in happiness and looking at the beautiful brides and their wedding party all dressed up.  Kudos  to the staff, for bringing in these weddings,  its difficult as it is, it  would have been easier if we had a hotel venue. Then again no so easy when the bride is One a half hours late. 

This was one of the review I read.   “The moment we walked into this venue, we knew it was the one for us. It was the only one we actually went to see, and we booked it right away. This venue is breathtaking and right on the beach. You will not get a better price for a beach wedding! We did our ceremony in the courtyard and it was absolutely beautiful.

late afternoon wedding with a spectacular sunset in the courtyard.

FULL Moon, BLUE Moon, NEW Moon

Lake Worth Diner en Blanc, started humbly, friends inviting friend, the circle of friends grew exactly as in France.  So we doubled the count from the first year for  the Lake Worth Diner en Blanc, organized by yours truly.  Our first one coincided beautifully with the black and white film shown by the CRA on the Cultural Plaza, a public facility, PERFECT!    Friends arrived tables were set and before you knew it we had a happening.  All those that attended can now invite friends .here is a link for how it is done in other places.    Original Paris             Last year of course was awesome, it was a Super Moon night.We were on the Lake Worth Pier prearranged with Lee of Benny’s on the Beach.  Our entertainment was Harpist Ruby and everyone paid $5 per person (many organizations use this event as a fundraiser and it certainly is worth* it.  What are we doing this year ?  Just as the original in Paris, no one is told the location until the day of. check out this link NY

First one to sign up this year

Spoiler alert it is this Wednesday the 31st.  Plenty of time to get it all together.   Access is much easier than last year and just as lovely by the water.  Now, I’m not into rules but we do  follow the French after all they came up with charming event. 

Our Harpist Ruby

You bring everything.  We do not spoil an area, nothing is left behind.  White table cloth, white napkins,  table ware, white china, drink of your choice, something to make your table festive,  It is your table your sitting at.  (somehow I lost my seat last year) YOU in white of course, how else would we know you belong.  So how is it done.  you determine how many friends will sit with you.  When you come you must arrive together.  The tables are set up as you arrive with your party side by side no gap (think dominos) If another group of your friends arrive later they will just line up with other set of  friends.

one of my favorite photo

Not sure about your invite Robert seen here in this photo agreed to co-host this event this year, get your invite from him.  Be a good guest how to a little help here. For your invitation make sure we have your e mail as everyone will be sent the location sometime between noon – 1 p.m. on Wednesday.    There will be a master list where you will check in.   now some more interesting links to help you navigate this.  From here on in goggle Diner En Blanc and enjoy the show.

A good night was had by all

My guest Annette Rawlings see her show  Cultural Council opening  Cherry Soup for a summer night.

We have doubled our count from the first event.  We  need a head count just in case we have to move the location to accommodate more  pm me  or Robert Waples 11 with your e mail  and the number + names in your party.    whichever works for you.  Just another video for your to enjoy from Hawaii

THANK YOU ALL who offered to assist.  Yes help is wonderful.

*I chose to keep it affordably friendly without the $75 price tag like the one that is in West Palm Beach done by a friend from Miami, then everything is extra on top. I  had ours registered before him and you have to be at least 50 miles apart. Now if you want to up the anti for next year let me know. 

Throw back Thursday

This set of photos covers just about every one in Lake Worth.  Brings back good memories I was searching for a photo of Karin of South Shores.   We did so much there our outdoor life  played out there with our thanksgiving dinners, with our Derby Day Party. Now she will be leaving us within just a few shifts that she has left at CJ’s island grill.  We will all miss her 25 photos of our quirky little seaside town residence. On the 25th day of January 2017

the only photo I located of Karin

happened on them on our beach, washed ashore

Kenia, dedication of her home in Royal Poinciana  our President this past year thank You.

Derby Day at South Shores

diner en blanc, 1st one . spoil alert, scheduled for next week

Mary and her Hero

can you spot your friends South Shores

Ken and Barbie NOT but they’e been together just as long. Judy and Mark

NAPC thanksgiving dinner at South Shores

neighbors and guests at South Shores

OMG look who we caroled , did not know who they were then.

Growing up Lake Worth

almost that time again. at our 33460

artist applying for street painting.


the usual suspects at Thanks Giving South Shores

Mail-Art arrived at City Hall for LW centennial w Sylvina

Thursday Night Peddlers still going strong

induction at LW Women’s Club of Mrs. Green

memory for me. Artists showcased my gallery ck them out

Derby Day, South Shores who had the wildest shirt.

August 2013

Art Stroll made our own banners from tossed beach umbrellas

Urban Loft dedication

things change, SOLD in Mango Grove Neighborhood.


Karin shied away from the camera but what you might now know she is an accomplished artist and she did a not for profit in N.Y.City thus understood what artists need, she allowed us to exhibit at South Shores.  We thank you for the opportunity wish I had photos of you but I have photos of what you did for us all in your special way. .

protest art around the USA

One of the most impressive displays at the New York Women’s March was by We Make America. I asked Deborah Stein about how it all came together: “The signs were made by us … Julie Peppito was a driving force as was Joyce Kozloff, Rachel Selekman, Nancy Chunn, John Schettino, and I and about 30 other people collaborated and came up with these ideas. We had so many working ideas we just decided to do them all and stage them together: Pussy Gate, big cats, the Big Blue Waves as a call for people to vote in the midterms, women surfers and the bald eagles and naming victims of police brutality — as well as all the progressive women candidates we knew of to write on the signs. We basically just decided to have the waves storm the pussy gate!” (photo by Deborah Stein)

Creativity was on full display, and we gathered some of the best we found from our friends, colleagues, and readers from around the world. Feel free to post your own sign in the comments.

The future definitely looks female.

One of the most impressive artist-led displays at the Women’s March in New York was We Make America’s “Pussy Gate/Time’s Up!” display along with the “blue waves.” (photo by Deborah Stein)
A view from behind at the We Make America display (photo courtesy Ayn S Choi)
From the march in Denver (photo courtesy Anna L Kaye)
From the march in Denver (photo courtesy Anna L Kaye)
A sculpture at the San Francisco Women’s March (photo courtesy Elaine B. Arnoux)
From the march in Denver (photo courtesy Anna L Kaye)
From the New York march (photo courtesy Susan Sechler Luss)
From New York (photo by Young Sun Han)
From New York (photo by Young Sun Han)
From the New York march (photo courtesy Karen Holt)
From New York (photo by Young Sun Han)
From the Houston March (photo by Brittany Carney/Tiny Mum Photography and used with permission)
From the Houston March (photo by Brittany Carney/Tiny Mum Photography and used with permission)
From the Houston March (photo by Brittany Carney/Tiny Mum Photography and used with permission)
From the Houston March (photo by Brittany Carney/Tiny Mum Photography and used with permission)
From New York (photo by Young Sun Han)
Signs at the Park City, UT, protest during the Sundance film festival (photo courtesy An Mina Xiao)
A protester at the Park City Women’s March during the Sundance film festival (photo courtesy An Mina Xiao)
From New York (photo by Young Sun Han)
From New York (photo by Young Sun Han)
A shrine on wheels with photographs of heroines, inspirational sayings, fruit, herbs, plants, and other things, which was at the LA Women’s March. (photo by Lyra Kilston)
From New York (photo courtesy Emily Roz)
Signs in Santa Fe, January 21, 2018 (photoby Corinne Kratz, courtesy Cory Kratz)
Trump-related sign at the Chicago march (photo by Claire Voon/Hyperallergic)
Mike Pence-related sign at the Chicago march (photo by Claire Voon/Hyperallergic)
Jenny Roesel with her sign at the Cincinnati march (photo courtesy Bob Schwarz)
In New York (photo courtesy Dennis Kardon)
From the Atlanta Rally (photo courtesy Michelle Zupan)
Protest signs by M. Louise Stanley in Oakland, CA (photo courtesy M. Louise Stanley)
From New York (photo courtesy Dennis Kardon)
From the New York protest (photo courtesy Kat Chamberlin)
Then closer to home we have been aware. of the changing tide  since 2014then from Palm Beach

National Handwriting Day 2018


phawnda art of writing

National Handwriting Day celebrates all things handwritten on the birthday of John Hancock, January 23 (born in 1737). The Writing Instrument Manufacturer’s Association selected that day in 1977 to honor penmanship.

Hancock’s distinctive signature is one of the two most famous in history (the other being Picasso, whose signed checks were often saved, not cashed ~ imagine!)

phawnda nhwd1

(image from Wikipedia)


In honor of John Hancock, let’s make something handwritten!

Here are 4 ideas from Phawnda Moore, a calligrapher, designer and instructor in Northern California. (See more projects on her FB page.)


phawnda nhwd21. Write out a pangram: “The quick brown fox . . . “ or, let someone know the meaning of their name. Micron pens are great for both. Add shades of color with pencils or markers.




phawnda nhwd3

2.Send a love letter or note ~ S.W.A.K., of course! Try a pointed pen with ink or gouache, or use a small brush marker.







  1. Encourage a friend with a handmade card and envelope. Brush

watercolor is my favorite choice for this because it’s so expressive.

phawnda nhwd4

Create something artful today to share ~ you’ll both enjoy it!


4. And, treat yourself to some new treasures, too!


image1We appreciate Phawnda taking the time to share her ideas for using your handwriting to connect with others. To help you in your endeavors, we are giving away a set of our staff’s favorite every  day writing pens, a Rhodia dot pad for practice, a Strathmore Writing journal to record all of your thoughts and ideas, and a set of Strathmore Correspondence cards to encourage you to send a note to a friend. To be entered to win, simply comment on this post with your own idea of how to celebrate National Handwriting Day. Be sure you include your name so that we can contact you if you win! Contest will close on Friday, January 26th!

If your interested in handwriting classes for children or for adults please contact me via lakeworthart@gmail.com

This blog was not written by me but shared by one I follow.   so you can click on that in the area that states blogs I follow.   Guess I got mine out yesterday just in time.

e -mail versus snail-mail mail-art

Today  Jan. 22, 2018  Your postage has gone up and it’s  now .50 cents. Guess you’ll be purchasing a sheet of penny stamps or 4 cent stamps.  Patty our lovely mail person in our 33460 Post Office alerted me last Friday.  I truly meant to share this  info so you could get your valentine cards out early and on the cheap.    We all have a passion for something or another and mine is calligraphy and mail art. Perhaps you want to participate in this.  Snail-mail, better described as mail art.  There is a mail art call  right here in Lake Worth.  The Last one was for our Lake Worth Centennial and we got mail from all over the world, we got mail from France from China

and some from down in Delray, Boca, Ocean Breeze. That collection is housed in our Historical Museum.  All that sent in can say “I have my work in a museum” lol. the current call was sent out 4 months ago and some mail has already arrived.  Where to send your decorated envelopes and what exactly is this?  On the bottom of this, I list two other calls that you might just enjoy.  Usually if you send one to a mail artist (me)  you get one in return. .   Far better than an e mail, that you delete.  Here is something you can hold, keep, reread, enjoy and show off.   You may be sitting at your desk right now and doodling, don’t let those doodles go to waste on the envelope, address it, put the correct postage on it, voila!.   SEND TO:                                            ART PROJECT           theme  BOOKS N quotes                                                                           P.O. BOX    46                                                                                                                                            Lake Worth Fl. 33460                                                            Dead line    March 15, 2018                                              Your mail art will be posted on the internet and showcased there.  If you put your return add on you might get one back. put your e mail lower right corner on back so I can let you know it has arrived. There is always a possibility that it gets exhibited.  Now if you want to get more personal you can actually special order a sheet of stamps with one of your favorites photos. thats a link.              Bellow from my collection Top left was created for this blog with business cards as I was also known for painting  flip flops.  The bottom left is a cinderella stamp.

top Left was created for this blog and business card. bottom r is a cinderella stamp

My collection of stamps above plus many more I will have to purchase stamps to make up the new rate of .50 cents.   Don’t do christmas cards and am way late on my New Years card but rest assured they are on the way and no you won’t have to pay the extra postage.

other call for mail art.

deadline 2/2/2018  from  &   add to   Canton Museum of Art                                                                                                                             1001 Market Ave.  North,                                                                                                                        Canton OH 44702                                                                                      What you love about where you live  

Graceful Envelope contest 2018   view this site for ideas and previous calls all shown here.

interested  in a  introductory class all materials included  $10  contact me via lakeworthart@gmail.com 


29 Lake Worth Artists from 33460

29 A lister working Artists in just 33460  Louise Noaks Royal PoincianaJill Karlin Butler Mango GroveMATHEW CAMPBELL ROYAL POINCIANA Tony Downtown Jewel Rocke Rococo Tropical Ridge TALIA CERVETTI DOWNTOWN JEWELRebecca HINSON SOUTH PALM PARK TRACY ROSOFF PETERSON SOUTH PLM PARKKARIN MANNACHEN PARROT COVE College Park Jacques de Bauford Royal Poinciana Julia Longwell Royal PoincianaRay Gross Pineapple BeachAidana Baldessarre Mango GrovesartistsNancy Udell College Park Nick & Ashley Nadrone Royal PoincianaAMY YOUNGER PARROT COVELaura Ann Jacobs Downtown Jewel Rosemary Otto Mango Groves John Cutrone Parrot CoveKatie Lewis Mango GrovesJoAnn Nava Parrot CoveShannon & Phil Matero Tropical RidgeB.J. Hawks South Palm ParkSteve Horan Downtown JewelDavid Savage Downtown Jewel Annamaria Windisch Hunt Royal Poinciana

Lake Worth every minute

During festive times they are called upon for their talent, their  generous volunteerism.   Some neighborhoods are fortunate to have a larger share and this is visible via the Fourth of July Raft Race, and of course our upcoming 50th anniversary Night Time Christmas Parade.  Here are the artists of 33460   WE  in Lake Worth Beach have musicians, painters, sculptors and performers.  ARTISTS in our midst.

Christine Gostling Eden Place Christine Gostling
Eden Place

Annette Rawlings South Palm Park Annette Rawlings
South Palm Park

Nancy Udell College Park Nancy Udell
College Park

Aidana Baldessarre Mango Groves Aidana Baldessarre
Mango Groves

Karin Albana Mango Groves Karin Albana
Mango Groves

David Savage Downtown Jewel David Savage
Downtown Jewel

Steve Horan Downtown Jewel Steve Horan
Downtown Jewel

B.J. Hawks South Palm Park B.J. Hawks
South Palm Park

Shannon & Phil Matero Tropical Ridge Shannon & Phil Matero
Tropical Ridge

JoAnn Nava Parrot Cove JoAnn Nava
Parrot Cove

Katie Lewis Mango Groves Katie Lewis
Mango Groves

Gayo Downtown Jewel Gayo
Downtown Jewel

Elise Crone Bryant Park Elise Crone
Bryant Park

Marijah Speziale Parrot Cove Marijah Speziale
Parrot Cove

John Cutrone Parrot Cove John Cutrone
Parrot Cove

Rosemary Otto Mango Groves Rosemary Otto
Mango Groves

Laura Ann Jacobs Downtown Jewel Laura Ann Jacobs
Downtown Jewel

Julie Williams Bryant Park Julie Williams
Bryant Park

Steve Sundberg  Mango Grove  Author Steve Sundberg
Mango Grove

Pedro GABRIEL Royal Poinciana Pedro GABRIEL
Royal Poinciana

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Art Palm Beach

I recommended it and I went, my opinion  always  have been strong.  Lots of the work is what I consider urban art (graffiti). After the outcry from locals about the Mural Project, when they first saw the containers in Bryant Park with graffiti,   You, might not enjoy this show as much.

urban art

There was quite a bit of photography blown up and in editions of 30, as they were presented by a gallery from a Holland gallery.    If you’ve never been exposed to art that is valued at $20.000 you should definitely go as it is all for sale. There will be someone who will appreciate and purchase the work.

Steve Jobs diet

This piece did intrigue me.  A still life of a persons diet?  Titled.  STEVE JOBS FRUITARIAN DIET  73 X 49 edition  of 30 only $4,700. and it is a C print.   Why did I find this interesting.  One, I did not know Steve Jobs was a fruitarian . Two  the artist/ photographer Dan Bannino  has gone around the world and gathered similar images of world famous people’s diet.  The gallery volunteered this info,  he has also had done Trump. lol .

Artist/angel George Taylor known for his equestrian art.Several not for profit made it into the show from Jupiter to South Miami.  Love that they made room for them.  Art Basel always had a long wall of not for profits represented at their shows.  Great way to discover emerging artists.  I found 4 from our area that are in this show.  Art Palm Beach seemed a bit smaller than previous years.  Whats NEW the parking arrangement.  You now park in the new garage, one piece of advice take your ticket with you.  Pay stations are in the garage lobby as you exit the show.  its $5 for up to 3 hours.  Was not able to return for ticket to 2nd level as elevator would not stop there.   Saw two miniature  faux Rothkos with scribbles across them (grafitti).  By miniature, they were  approximately 40×28 Rothkos originals always were quite large.

George Taylor with Louise Noaks of the LW Arts Lofts.

I said to Artist George Taylor “in 80 years you work  will also be worth $80,000” as his horses are  better executed than this primative work priced at $78,000 by little known French artist.  The piece comes from a period when we know THE French artists names. This piece is beautifully preserved and has charm, and most likely has provenance. Now is the time to purchase local area artists.  While it is still affordable!

next generation of artists

What gives me hope the next generation will find their voice and graffiti will by then be passe.

What’s happening around us

These are some of the things you might enjoy this weekend.  Yes it’s cold, bundle up and participate.  You might just miss something way cool.   We are in the midst of ART this weekend anyway.                                                                                                                                     TODAY there are still some free tickets at the Cultural Council for  PASSES  to Art Palm Beach which takes place at the PB Convention Center.  each ticket is good for 2 persons.

Read the details as each venue offers something special.  Guaranteed you will not be cold at the Benzeiten demo.    A opening scheduled for this evening, always a delight at the Artisan on the Avenue ‘  Representing the finest artists in our area.  All curated to participate by Betty Wilson herself.  SATURDAY   They have coffee and pastries to start the day off right.     Organic produce                                                    Head on over to Art Palm Beach at the Palm Beach Convention Center   opens at noon -7 p.m.   last day for this show is Sunday noon to 6 p.m.                       SUNDAY ALL DAY   sleep in if its cold .

maybe not today or tomorrow   

3p.m.   A fun project paint a rock offered by Common Ground Coffee Bar  the hip Bohemian Coffee house on s J st.   where all the action is now.                                                                                                       Mark your calendar for future events as they are announced they will be noted.

1.18   Thursday   Art After Dark at the Norton Museum  FREE

1.19   Friday     BONFIRE ON THE BEACH

1/23  Tuesday National PIE DAY

1/24   Wednesday evening PRIDE BUSINESS ALLIANCE

1/27  Saturday   Fine Art Show  WELLINGTON ON THE GREEN  by W.A.S.

1/29   Book Cellar   Lake Worth QUIZZ NIGHT @ BOOK CELLAR

2/3     DADDY DAUGHTER DANCE   Casino Ballroom