it’s Thursday and memories flow

Throw back memories saved from the deletion of 35,000 photos.  But as I culled the masses of unused photos, some not appropriate for specific articles or used in other areas like the one of the group sitting in the former Neighborhood tent that was also the intro photo for the Lake Worth Anthem.  Might as well sing it while you look at these photos. Then there were photo opportunities,  just like this one with Mayor Pam .     This was when the mermaid made an appearance at the baby pool.  yes there was one . once upon a time.   then we all were agast when they moved. Mango Grove neighborhood in anticipation of the new lol now, Publix welcoming our newest neighbor. Those of you who love Benny’s at the beach also loved Benny’s before, Do you remember what it looked like before.  Good memories from a Pride Festival, all still good friends. One line from the song applies to our  friends here. this is a hard won trophy and the keeper gets to keep it a whole year.  Very sought after.   Well it had belonged to Bryant Park but new neighborhood Mango Grove took it home. now for another wonderful event out at the beach.  trying to be fair, as now Ladies nights are being sued for discrimination over in London.  Do alert your friends of you see them here.   this makes it eleven as today is January 11th  This below was opening night of the new hot shop or we call it Benzeiten.  Vee Callero of Ft. Lauderdale and myself with my art collection.

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