Happy prosperous 2018 to all my readers

This blog was started Jan. 2015  and has over 1,600 posts.  all about Lake Worth, covers cultural happenings from Central Fl. to Key West.  I run a feature on the Artists periodically who live in 33460.  I try to be informative and I thank you all for reading, following plus commenting. NEW a dated chronological events listing bellow and where possible links to them.   This is not a political blog

in the Historic Museum 100 mail art pieces from around the world for our Centennial celebration.

For the 1st post  the New Year I embrace some of  Lake Worths history.  As you see this is our Lake Worth Ladies Kitchen band.  Where did this come from, you ask.  Well on the wall as you enter the annex from Lucerne Ave. look to your left.  This is the band from 1912

Lake Worth Ladies Kitchen Band circa 1912

the LW Ladies Kitchen band circa 2018

From here on in, the Lake Worth Historical Museum will open the 1st Saturday of the month and there is a grand opening scheduled.  and below if you did not realize the City of Lake Worth has the Hibiscus flower as it’s emblem, the original banner, was still hanging in City Hall last time I looked.  This version was done by Walter Harper who has been a driving force to get the annex open and our rich Lake Worth  history available to visitors and residents with viewing hours.  He also was behind getting some of the old photos enlarged and displayed. See them on the lower level where we pay our utility bills and where the information desk is located. Museum is upstairs and maintained by Mrs. Green who has worked tirelessly along side Glenn Scheiner who is converting the info to digital format. Contact Walter Harper  seen below, if you want to volunteer on

Saturdays for just a few hours.   Walter and Marion Cohn recently penned a informative pocket book travel guide about LW and cottages, easy to carry about. They can be purchased at both Info Desk. or at the Museum.  A very GRAND OPENING is in the works. Marion Cone will  give a presentation Jan. 17, 7 p.m. about her research and how she located the few remaining oldest houses dating back to 1912.  This will take place downstairs of the Musem.  Fascinating we do not have such a long history as in Europe however  just as interesting as we can relate.  I have been able  date back my name to the roman times and roman village.                                                                                         Not seen here but on the walls of the Museum  there is a most interesting photo of the “FAT Man’s Race”dating to 1912 during the 4th of July celebration.   Lets bring it back this year.  (they did not appear fat to me)




1/13  Reception  BOX GALLERY  811 Belvedere A 12 ft Frieze by Artist Martzia*

1/13   GRAND OPENING OF MATHEW BREWING 130 s H st.  noon

1/14  CELEBRATINGH ZORA   2 P.M.  St. Andrews Episcopal   Lucerne Ave. +                    Palmway


1/15  UNITY BREAKFAST.   7:30 am  South 3 and 10th  CANDLE LIGHT MARCH                         5:30  from City Hall. follows  COMMEMORATION @ MLK fountain.                           FELLOWSHIP DINNER thereafter ST ANDREWS EPISCOPAL till-8                           volunteers  always welcome call Retha Lowe  561-586- 7276


1/17   presentation 7 P.M    LW OLDEST HOUSES.@ANNEX  414 LAKE AVE.

1/18  Mango Grove mtg.    BLUE FRONT



1/23   National PIE DAY


1/27   Fine Art Show  WELLINGTON ON THE GREEN  by W.A.S.


2/3     DADDY DAUGHTER DANCE   Casino Ballroom

As these events get closer there will be more info and visuals till then hold the dates if your interested updates covered as they arise.

*Artist Martzia art work explained will be in tomorrows blog. 




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