29 Lake Worth Artists from 33460

29 A lister working Artists in just 33460  Louise Noaks Royal PoincianaJill Karlin Butler Mango GroveMATHEW CAMPBELL ROYAL POINCIANA Tony Downtown Jewel Rocke Rococo Tropical Ridge TALIA CERVETTI DOWNTOWN JEWELRebecca HINSON SOUTH PALM PARK TRACY ROSOFF PETERSON SOUTH PLM PARKKARIN MANNACHEN PARROT COVE College Park Jacques de Bauford Royal Poinciana Julia Longwell Royal PoincianaRay Gross Pineapple BeachAidana Baldessarre Mango GrovesartistsNancy Udell College Park Nick & Ashley Nadrone Royal PoincianaAMY YOUNGER PARROT COVELaura Ann Jacobs Downtown Jewel Rosemary Otto Mango Groves John Cutrone Parrot CoveKatie Lewis Mango GrovesJoAnn Nava Parrot CoveShannon & Phil Matero Tropical RidgeB.J. Hawks South Palm ParkSteve Horan Downtown JewelDavid Savage Downtown Jewel Annamaria Windisch Hunt Royal Poinciana

Lake Worth every minute

During festive times they are called upon for their talent, their  generous volunteerism.   Some neighborhoods are fortunate to have a larger share and this is visible via the Fourth of July Raft Race, and of course our upcoming 50th anniversary Night Time Christmas Parade.  Here are the artists of 33460   WE  in Lake Worth Beach have musicians, painters, sculptors and performers.  ARTISTS in our midst.

Christine Gostling Eden Place Christine Gostling
Eden Place

Annette Rawlings South Palm Park Annette Rawlings
South Palm Park

Nancy Udell College Park Nancy Udell
College Park

Aidana Baldessarre Mango Groves Aidana Baldessarre
Mango Groves

Karin Albana Mango Groves Karin Albana
Mango Groves

David Savage Downtown Jewel David Savage
Downtown Jewel

Steve Horan Downtown Jewel Steve Horan
Downtown Jewel

B.J. Hawks South Palm Park B.J. Hawks
South Palm Park

Shannon & Phil Matero Tropical Ridge Shannon & Phil Matero
Tropical Ridge

JoAnn Nava Parrot Cove JoAnn Nava
Parrot Cove

Katie Lewis Mango Groves Katie Lewis
Mango Groves

Gayo Downtown Jewel Gayo
Downtown Jewel

Elise Crone Bryant Park Elise Crone
Bryant Park

Marijah Speziale Parrot Cove Marijah Speziale
Parrot Cove

John Cutrone Parrot Cove John Cutrone
Parrot Cove

Rosemary Otto Mango Groves Rosemary Otto
Mango Groves

Laura Ann Jacobs Downtown Jewel Laura Ann Jacobs
Downtown Jewel

Julie Williams Bryant Park Julie Williams
Bryant Park

Steve Sundberg  Mango Grove  Author Steve Sundberg
Mango Grove

Pedro GABRIEL Royal Poinciana Pedro GABRIEL
Royal Poinciana

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Art Palm Beach

I recommended it and I went, my opinion  always  have been strong.  Lots of the work is what I consider urban art (graffiti). After the outcry from locals about the Mural Project, when they first saw the containers in Bryant Park with graffiti,   You, might not enjoy this show as much.

urban art

There was quite a bit of photography blown up and in editions of 30, as they were presented by a gallery from a Holland gallery.    If you’ve never been exposed to art that is valued at $20.000 you should definitely go as it is all for sale. There will be someone who will appreciate and purchase the work.

Steve Jobs diet

This piece did intrigue me.  A still life of a persons diet?  Titled.  STEVE JOBS FRUITARIAN DIET  73 X 49 edition  of 30 only $4,700. and it is a C print.   Why did I find this interesting.  One, I did not know Steve Jobs was a fruitarian . Two  the artist/ photographer Dan Bannino  has gone around the world and gathered similar images of world famous people’s diet.  The gallery volunteered this info,  he has also had done Trump. lol .

Artist/angel George Taylor known for his equestrian art.Several not for profit made it into the show from Jupiter to South Miami.  Love that they made room for them.  Art Basel always had a long wall of not for profits represented at their shows.  Great way to discover emerging artists.  I found 4 from our area that are in this show.  Art Palm Beach seemed a bit smaller than previous years.  Whats NEW the parking arrangement.  You now park in the new garage, one piece of advice take your ticket with you.  Pay stations are in the garage lobby as you exit the show.  its $5 for up to 3 hours.  Was not able to return for ticket to 2nd level as elevator would not stop there.   Saw two miniature  faux Rothkos with scribbles across them (grafitti).  By miniature, they were  approximately 40×28 Rothkos originals always were quite large.

George Taylor with Louise Noaks of the LW Arts Lofts.

I said to Artist George Taylor “in 80 years you work  will also be worth $80,000” as his horses are  better executed than this primative work priced at $78,000 by little known French artist.  The piece comes from a period when we know THE French artists names. This piece is beautifully preserved and has charm, and most likely has provenance. Now is the time to purchase local area artists.  While it is still affordable!

next generation of artists

What gives me hope the next generation will find their voice and graffiti will by then be passe.

What’s happening around us

These are some of the things you might enjoy this weekend.  Yes it’s cold, bundle up and participate.  You might just miss something way cool.   We are in the midst of ART this weekend anyway.                                                                                                                                     TODAY there are still some free tickets at the Cultural Council for  PASSES  to Art Palm Beach which takes place at the PB Convention Center.  each ticket is good for 2 persons.

Read the details as each venue offers something special.  Guaranteed you will not be cold at the Benzeiten demo.    A opening scheduled for this evening, always a delight at the Artisan on the Avenue ‘  Representing the finest artists in our area.  All curated to participate by Betty Wilson herself.  SATURDAY   They have coffee and pastries to start the day off right.     Organic produce                                                    Head on over to Art Palm Beach at the Palm Beach Convention Center   opens at noon -7 p.m.   last day for this show is Sunday noon to 6 p.m.                       SUNDAY ALL DAY   sleep in if its cold .

maybe not today or tomorrow   

3p.m.   A fun project paint a rock offered by Common Ground Coffee Bar  the hip Bohemian Coffee house on s J st.   where all the action is now.                                                                                                       Mark your calendar for future events as they are announced they will be noted.

1.18   Thursday   Art After Dark at the Norton Museum  FREE

1.19   Friday     BONFIRE ON THE BEACH

1/23  Tuesday National PIE DAY

1/24   Wednesday evening PRIDE BUSINESS ALLIANCE

1/27  Saturday   Fine Art Show  WELLINGTON ON THE GREEN  by W.A.S.

1/29   Book Cellar   Lake Worth QUIZZ NIGHT @ BOOK CELLAR

2/3     DADDY DAUGHTER DANCE   Casino Ballroom