FULL Moon, BLUE Moon, NEW Moon

Lake Worth Diner en Blanc, started humbly, friends inviting friend, the circle of friends grew exactly as in France.  So we doubled the count from the first year for  the Lake Worth Diner en Blanc, organized by yours truly.  Our first one coincided beautifully with the black and white film shown by the CRA on the Cultural Plaza, a public facility, PERFECT!    Friends arrived tables were set and before you knew it we had a happening.  All those that attended can now invite friends .here is a link for how it is done in other places.    Original Paris             Last year of course was awesome, it was a Super Moon night.We were on the Lake Worth Pier prearranged with Lee of Benny’s on the Beach.  Our entertainment was Harpist Ruby and everyone paid $5 per person (many organizations use this event as a fundraiser and it certainly is worth* it.  What are we doing this year ?  Just as the original in Paris, no one is told the location until the day of. check out this link NY

First one to sign up this year

Spoiler alert it is this Wednesday the 31st.  Plenty of time to get it all together.   Access is much easier than last year and just as lovely by the water.  Now, I’m not into rules but we do  follow the French after all they came up with charming event. 

Our Harpist Ruby

You bring everything.  We do not spoil an area, nothing is left behind.  White table cloth, white napkins,  table ware, white china, drink of your choice, something to make your table festive,  It is your table your sitting at.  (somehow I lost my seat last year) YOU in white of course, how else would we know you belong.  So how is it done.  you determine how many friends will sit with you.  When you come you must arrive together.  The tables are set up as you arrive with your party side by side no gap (think dominos) If another group of your friends arrive later they will just line up with other set of  friends.

one of my favorite photo

Not sure about your invite Robert seen here in this photo agreed to co-host this event this year, get your invite from him.  Be a good guest how to a little help here. For your invitation make sure we have your e mail as everyone will be sent the location sometime between noon – 1 p.m. on Wednesday.    There will be a master list where you will check in.   now some more interesting links to help you navigate this.  From here on in goggle Diner En Blanc and enjoy the show.

A good night was had by all

My guest Annette Rawlings see her show  Cultural Council opening  Cherry Soup for a summer night.

We have doubled our count from the first event.  We  need a head count just in case we have to move the location to accommodate more  pm me  or Robert Waples 11 with your e mail  and the number + names in your party.    whichever works for you.  Just another video for your to enjoy from Hawaii

THANK YOU ALL who offered to assist.  Yes help is wonderful.

*I chose to keep it affordably friendly without the $75 price tag like the one that is in West Palm Beach done by a friend from Miami, then everything is extra on top. I  had ours registered before him and you have to be at least 50 miles apart. Now if you want to up the anti for next year let me know. 

1 thought on “FULL Moon, BLUE Moon, NEW Moon

  1. I’m going to check with the LW Ladies Kitchen Band. We are thinking of doing a group table. I think Louise is dong the head count for our group. Thank you for all of your hard work,


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