a charmed life

Theresa Mangini

       I am thrilled that AnnaMaria asked me to be a guest on                 her blog and write about my experience with Diner en Blanc. 

Just as Lake Worth’s Dîner en Blanc was started with a handful of friends Francois Pasquier started Le Dîner en Blanc de Paris nearly 30 years ago with a handful friends. It now assembles over 10,000 guest every year. The most prestigious sites have played host to the event over the years: The Pont des Arts, the Eiffel Tower, the Château de Versailles, the Esplanade de Notre-Dame, the Champs-Élysées, Le Louvre Pyramid. 

       I have attended 3 of these official Diner en Blanc events in Philadelphia and New Orleans. They are much more formal and structured with a lot of rules and a much higher price tag. It is also a very complicated procedure just to get invited. I haven’t attend AnnaMaria’s in the past but it looked so beautiful, with amazing sites in public places , much less complicated, and of course much less expensive .      When I attended there was a mandatory pre-meeting to explain the rules, which were: you were only allowed to have white wine and no beer. Tables had to be the exact size, chairs had to be white and you needed a center piece. Candles were also required. No plastic was allowed. Only white table cloths and clothe napkins. White china, silverware and glass stemware. Clothing had to be white head to toe, no ivory or cream colors. A white plastic bag for trash at end.

     We were sent an email a few days before where to meet our table leader. On the day of the event we would meet at designated place with all of our picnic gear and food in tow. From there we would take public transportation to the secret location. It was quite an ordeal doing this at rush hour in large cities. But, it was also very exciting and really amusing to see the expressions on the faces of commuters as we piled on the subway with tables, chairs and picnic baskets all dressed in white.

As we followed into our secret location the table leader gave us a number on a stick and we were to place our tables in numerical order next to each other to form a long banquet table. We were giving white balloons to tie to our chairs, pretty white masks to wear and sparkles to light later.

  As we set up strolling violins played. Soon we were all not strangers any more we were neighbors sharing a meal on a lovely summer evening at a magnificent public location in our fair city. Soon the band started playing. We were told to light our sparklers at 10 pm as the band struck up We are Family. Everyone began dancing with each other as though we were life long friends. Soon after we were asked to stand and wave out white napkins above our heads in honor of the hosts who organized the event.There were prizes for best center piece, best table setting, best ladies outfit, best gents outfit. 

All three events I attended were remarkable and memorable.  I’m sure that Lake Worth’s Diner en Blanc will be as remarkable also, but much less complicated, costly and won’t involve a subway. 

     I am so looking forward to  Diner en Blanc in my favorite town in the world. Creating a magical moment with my wonderful diverse neighbors in their chic white attire outdoors under the biggest super moon of the century with a glass of champagne to toast….Sante !!!

A votre sante

Announcement next year, this event will benefit the Royal Poinciana neighborhood.


ultimate photo album from last year 

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