dancing the night away at our Lake Worth Casino Ballroom

Girls just love the be twirled around in their pretty dresses and tonight was the Daddy Daughter, Mother Son dance at the Lake Worth Casino Ballroom.  Having attended the last several years I recognize some of the young ladies and how they have grown from them being carried to the dance floor and now being joyfully twirled in their elegant little dresses.  There are lots of activities in the festively decorated ballroom.  The energy is high octane. Contessa Luna had a line waiting to have their faces made up.   the infamous photo booth with props, where making a faces  Sunglasses were the in thing.  They started off with a Hula Hoop contest most likely to get them to settle in a bit.  In another corner of the ballroom Cookie decorating was a choice activity.  Our own Mayor Pam welcomed all.   You might spot her in one of these photos on the dance floor.  yourself and I slipped out leaving them to dance the night away.