April your could have fooled me.

We made it through March.  Now to see what April has in store for us.  What a rich picking of cultural and fun events in the Lake Worth area.  Mostly FREE but some indicate donations suggested.  Now you have bucks to spend in our local establishments.  Life is Good.  Make your plans get off the couch.  ENJOY

March 31  Saturday Easter Egg Hunt and Bonnet Parade with Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit. Bryant Park 9.am.

 Time to get your mail art in   Send your embelished  envelope to

ART Project      P.O.  BOX  46       Lake Worth Fl.     33460

This will go on display locally.  so put your email add. on back, so we can notify you of  its arrival. and post it to the internet.  

April 1.   6 a.m.  Sunrise services on our Lake Worth Beach.

April 3,   3160 PGA Blvd.   BB113     5-8 p.m.     Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33410

April 4 Wed. (First Wed. of the mo.)afternoon Mockingbird Garden  have a sing-along and enjoy music with Mel and Vinney

April 6   FAU  Wimberly Library  3 rd  floor      (post about this event April 4 here)

April  7 BiblioArte hosting the creator of the Little Free Library at Hatch1121 Lucerne Ave.   (former ShuffleBoard Cour) 

Aril 7  something for adults  BOOk Cellar has the Author of   Marriage                                     of a Thousand Lies on hand to speak and sign her book.




April 12    Yom Ha’Shoah (Holocaust Memorial Day) noon to 2 p.m opening of Ruth Gellis Exhibit from April 12-30  during Mandell JCC Boynton Beach operating hours.  

has exhibited worldwide, featured in several museums,  studied at the Baux Arts in Paris.


EDITORS note       As events are announced this blog is updated.  Again I only feature free to the public in our area.  If there is a charge it will be listed.  Also posted my view on what is happening and going on in our community.  All Good.


April 21,  Earth Day


Throw Back Thursday March 29 18

Still trying to get around my Photo Library thought i had deleted unwanted photos but apparently it’s all in the Cloud.  Doesn’t do me much good looking for just one photo.  Takes time and captured by memories.  Time-consuming for me but should be delightful for y’all.  Here are the good times I shared, I may not be in photo but I was there.  Here are  89 Lake Worthians in 20 photos

The Thursday Night Peddlers and tonight is THURSDAY



doing a project on growing up Lake Worth


Sounded good wonder if they are still chiming

i’m not the only one that misses this

from across the pond

Hello, Hello from across the pond where although the weather

Chris Gostling
Monday Blogger

is not as beautiful as Lake Worth, it is nevertheless gorgeous blue skies and a slight chill in the air BUT the trees are beginning to blossom. It is like a miracle, in the four weeks I was in Lake Worth everything is coming alive. We put our clocks forward last night, two weeks after you so now we will also have the lighter nights, I love that. At the community hub where I volunteer, the grass had grown so long I had to cut it, the smell was delicious, reminds me of Summer.





I can see that there has been fun and games in LW, Floffing, pride parade, always something fun going on, I love the photos which so clearly show the happiness in people’s faces.

I arrived home on Monday afternoon after a good flight and car journey back to our house. It is always nice to get back to  your home after you have been away, check the post, make phone calls, shop for basics, chat to neighbours, catch up on gossip and happenings…..

I had to be up early on Tuesday morning as I was scheduled to have a cataract operation at 9:30am, how amazing that is….the next day I could see perfectly, it was a new world! I am having the other one done tomorrow……medical breakthroughs are incredible these days!!!

I am an assessor at our local hospital, we have groups of people who are not employed by the hospital who are trained to assess the wards, Accident and Emergency, outside areas and anything else that is deemed to be necessary. It is hugely interesting and shows clearly just how are the medical staff work. We have to look at cleanliness, quality of food, access around the inside of the  building and outside the building, garden areas, ramps, wheelchair access, Alzheimer’s arrangements…..all kinds of things that make a persons experience of hospital better.

We have a programme called Better Start where we look at what is provided in nursery for pre school children, we have 10 in our area and the first little Free library was installed in The Cockleshell Day Nursery, we are hoping that it will instil in the children a love of reading that will continue throughout their lives.

And of course, we have Comic Relief coming up, also known as Red Nose Day where all over the country events are carried out to raise phenomenal amounts of money for charity. One such event was the dance off with local firefighters organised with a local primary school, the children have so much fun and it shows them how we can help charities by working together, hopefully another lifelong lesson…….

Lastly another great project was added to our town for World Downs Syndrome Day. John Bulley, a local artist completed the huge mural of Amy under the railway bridge, it is beautiful and part of the ‘recognise us’ campaign started last year.

Today is gorgeous and is set to be the start of Easter week, I am off to the community hub to open up for coffee morning, an event I love and which will followed by a drumming and spoken work programme, I love my life!

Flofing in 36 pictures.

Posted this “not just the best party of the year but the best FUNdraiser” and meant it.  Always delighted to introduce new residents to town as to where to go and what to see. Influenced two people yesterday.  One young woman came up to me and said:” I READ WHAT YOU WROTE SO I VOLUNTEERED TO CHECK IT OUT.”  Thank you.  I invited new to Lake Worth resident, from Tropical Ridge.

Twins at birth by different mothers.

He found a lot of Buck Eyes in the crowd.  The history is that Shona Margaret Dick and her sister brought this game over from Ireland.  That is my understanding but ya”ll can correct me if I’m mistaken.  It truly is a great party and absolutely the best FUNdraiser for any neighborhood.  As all the neighborhoods are participants in the revelry, not an insular event for just the neighborhood.

First hole hostess. Following 26 photos in chronological order

Flofing is an urban put put course through 9 neighbors homes,  each builds their own putting green and assign a par (ok I did not know what a par was till yesterday or what a putter looked like.)  Last time I purchased a club at the thrift shop I turned it into a banana.   So no rules are specified.  However next year if you do not wear a hat you will not be given a ride in the Golf Carts.

Yes saw it with my own eyes  2 holes in one doing it this way. she lost her putter.

my favorite hole mermaid themed

a yearly favorite, , the Flamingo hole of the past was sorely missed (out of order!)

this hole Hosted by Mango Grovite Kristy and Tim

revisiting so I could capture the fun everyone was having

girls just want to have fun

one of the hardest holes. besides the one below 

I hit every one of these obstacles here, if it binged, bonged plunked ricocheted off ,  gave up at 10th try               photo by Tammy

Kerri had to be the luckiest  she won four prizes in the raffle and 10 people one $100 each and the rest went into the


Not the friends I came with or played with but ended up with.

drinks and munchies available at each hole.

Alyson and Glen arriving at the party

they made it without calling Uber 

they must have had rank, see who is the driver Comm. Maxwell


Hole sponsors honored with Morag.

my friend Tammy and I

Thanks Tammy for letting me use a couple of your photos.

Note from the editor:   share your experience.  Feeling nostalgic for the Flamingo  Hole  here you go


























rain bow resistance weekend

OH, WHAT A WEEKEND.  It will keep you busy from tonight to Sunday night What will you partake in?  Tonight Evening on the Ave. downtown.  Visit  J st. the hottest sector in Lake Worth*.  all add. bottom of post. The Hip Coffeehouse where you can do  ART project tonight FREE  drop in 6 to 8 p.m, Two galleries from across each other, drop by to dance the night away at Rudy’s again J st.  all by crisscrossing the short 2 blocks.  photos attached from past events.

Saturday flofing 11 a  start at  Revelry  17 s J st.  CHECK in starts

Saturday  pride in Bryant Park Sunday pride steel band Voices of pride among the enterainment

Saturday Night how about the Opera at Kravits Ctr. 7:30 p..m  parking FREE   The Marriage of Figaro starts   Kravitz Center 

Sunday Pride parade 11:30 am  

Sunday noon to 4 p.m  Our Historic Museum is open at 414 Lake Ave.   FREE

  • *Calaro’s Steak house  717 Lake Ave.  (Corner of s J st. & Lake
  • Propaganda  6 s J st.
  • Coffee House  12 S J st.
  • Maria Paz  art  16 s J st.
  •  Rudy’s   21 s J st.
  • 15 s J st.  Flamingo  Clay Glass Metal Stone  Gallery
  • Revelry 17 S. J st.   (Saturday 11 a.m.  sign in for Flofing )

Letter Writing month just around the corner

Well, it’s almost here “letter writing month”  and I’m all in so not only will friends and angels in disguise get something from me.   I also participate in mail Art.  Now what would that be or how does that look? Both activities are endorsed by the National Association of Letter Carriers.  The deadline for the Graceful Envelope contest I am sorry to say is in just a few days.  However, our Local Mail Art Project has another two weeks till it’s over and we display all our entries at a local venue.   No one is denied or censored. Someone will absolutely love your letter regardless of coffee stains, and not so perfect cursive.  Historically it binds families and we have a connection to the loved ones from the past.  No ordinary card produced by the hundreds but something priceless from the heart.  A very special surprise when it arrives at its destination.

found this when I googled mail art Lake Worth and many more. lol

We in Lake Worth were gifted with envelopes from around the world when we turned 100 and also received many from locals who participated.  AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt gave free lessons impromptu at the Towers,  senior living at the LWAL , in summer camp,  now she is scheduled to do the same once more. The schedule *below where you can sit a spell and do some art all supplies provided. There is a silver mailbox at Common Ground Coffee above the piano, for those who do not have a forever stamp or lol envelope plus some pens and crayons.  It will be posted properly through the U.S. Postal system each afternoon and hand-canceled to boot by Patti and arrive at  ART Project  P. O. Box 46  Lake Worth Fl. 33460  (this is where your creative envelope should be addressed to. Unless it’s addressed to Grandma. Still not sure what is expected have a look at this link it’s from the reception we held during our centennial. Have some fun with friends gather around a table or join her at the mentioned venues.  It’s your turn to make someone else’s day.  Feel like writing a letter instead of decorating an envelope.  It’s all good.

*Tomorrow Friday 6 – 9 p.m.   At Common Ground Coffee House  14 S J street.              Walk-in, sit a spell and enjoy the comradery of like minded people. share ideas and create an envelope.  All supplies are provided.  Work on your own or do one together.  Nice night out  Evening on the Ave.   It might be a bit chilly.  Visit adjoining art galleries and come in inspired.  Extend your intimate evening in downtown Lake Worth’s hottest street.













Monday blog March 19.2018

Good Morning to you, this time from Fort Lauderdale Airport 

Chris Gostling
Monday Blogge are waiting for our flight home from our wonderful month in Lake Worth. And what a month it has been, gone too quickly of course!

Last week started with a visit to The Cultural Council exhibition which was very interesting. Interior designers meet artists and put whole rooms together which are then depicted in collage style, an unusual combination and you could buy any single item in any of the roomsWhat fun they must have had completing this work, it’s worth a visit if you have not been already. And the Annette Rawlings exhibition on the other side was equally as interesting, beautiful shapes of bright primary colours that popped out if the canvas…..beautiful!

If you were down at the beach at all last week you would have seen those amazing waves and the surf was high and powerful, perfect for a surfing school practising and riding high on the waves. It is so perfect down there at the moment, the breeze is just right and keeps the weather from being too hot. And if you forget to take a book, there is  always people watching to occupy you. I love to watch the children, they are so happy to be by the water and spend hours trying to outrun the surf as it comes in, and the teenagers playing Frisbee or surfing or just chatting…..perfect.

On Wednesday a group of got together at The Leisure Services Building to decorate hats for the children at the Easter Event in Bryant Park. This is, without doubt, one of my favourite things to do, get together with these wonderful women all chattering and laughing as we decorated the hats, it was such fun and before long we had 50 hits completed. I had made English scones with jam and cream and English Tea with milk and in  gorgeous bone china tea cups  and saucers which I had borrowed from a friend.

Ben, who works at Leisure Services is Scottish and enjoyed it very much, a taste of home. He wore a tail coat and top hat to the tea to mark the occasion, it was all very proper and huge fun. Look out for other events involving volunteering, you will enjoy it.

The St.Patricks Parade was fun and very well attended by so may people all wearing at least one green item of clothing. Children clamoured for the candy that was thrown from the cars and floats and cheered and clapped. There were Irish dancers, huge trucks and tiny cars dwarfed by enormous vehicles covered in shamrock. There were motorbikes and sports cars and of course that fabulous huge Little Free Library, being transported by Mary Lindsay and Judy Easton. A great aspect for us was that we saw lots of people that we had missed. I absolutely love the ladies kitchen band, they are such fun and joyfully danced and banged saucepans and kitchen implements…..

On Saturday the new Gallery and bar Sugar Plum and Grumbling Growler opened with a huge flourish. Jill Karlin and Rosemary Otto have art work exhibited and it all looked fabulous. Jill was painting live, one of her signature paintings with a central image of the SPGG surrounded by smaller pictures of other aspects of the gallery. The bar was looking very plush, craft beers and specially blended wines were on offer to make the experience different.

We ended our stay on Saturday morning with a breakfast at Mulligans with assorted and very dear friends.

Next week the blog will come from what I have been told is a very chilly England. That remains to be seen and I will let you know…..have a fabulous Lake Worth week.

Show us your GREEN

I was trying to be off the computer and had it unplugged for two days and the phone is kaput.  No one missed me and the combativeness going into the election I did not have to deal with.  Isn’t that why they have private booths so you can vote your way and not hurt anyone’s feelings.  Did I miss a throwback Thursday?  All who ran for office took time to learn our community so let us give them something special as the pay that was not the reward, but the contribution, they wanted to make to our community.

wearing green

So let’s see the green happy spirit.  Who is seen in green?  I’ll be biking so you take the photos.  All these photos came from 2013 and 2014  Enjoy!

wearing green

other half of March

There were so very many things going on in March with Updates coming in this blog is starting new from this date on and still the calendar is overflowing.   March 16 Friday  St Patty’s Day  Parade  6:30 p.m.
Downtown Lake Worth heading the opposite direction on Lake Ave than normal.    March 18   5 – 8 p.m.  Community Seder 1415 n K st.  First Congregational Church of LW  $35  Tickets can be purchased at Trinkets and Treasures or Studio 205 , both on Lake Avenue in Lake Worth!                                                                                                                                                                    March 24  Saturday is Flofing.  March 24 and 25  Sat. & Sun  Pride Fest


March 24  Rock Painting at the Mocking Bird Gardens   all info herel March 26 6:30  Quiz night at the Book Cellar,  play with the Library Board,  March 28   for our history buffs   March 31   Easter Egg Hunt  Bryant Park  9 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Bonnet Parade line up is in front of Gulfstream Hotel Lake Ave.  9:30    VOLUNTEERS NEEDED WEEK BEFORE TO CREATE BONNETS and on day of, the personalize them for the kids.  All materials provided. 

Monday blogger March 12, 2018

Chris Gostling
Monday Blogger

What a great morning it is….blue skies and wispy clouds again, beautiful! I will miss this when I return to England a week today. Although there will be signs of Spring in the air with the previously bare trees, branches wooden and stark showing signs of green tips appearing along the branches and one bud bursting into flowers in an attempt to be the first…….I love this time of year, the warm sunshine takes the place of the cold wintry days of February or in the case of this year, large amounts of snow, and I have missed it all being here in the sunshine.

There has been a lot going on this week, yesterday was Mothers Day in England although you do not celebrate it here until May. We also put the clocks forward here although we do that in two weeks time in England, so for now, there is only 4 hours difference instead of 5. I think that I might put the clocks forward ten minutes each day back home, that way losing an hour will not come as such a shock! Other differences include World Book Day in England is March 1st, although this year it was postponed because of the snow. I love Book Day, children get excited to dress up as their favourite characters from a book and each child gets a token to swap for a World Book Day free of charge. There is usually a choice of 10 books, all by favourite authors, if there are tokens left, I get them for books for the Little Free Library Project. And here in the US WBD is in April.

The beach was closed last week on three occasions when the surf and rip currents were dangerous, it was an amazing sight. The waves were huge and rolled in like huge snowdrifts bringing the water in on the beach nearer and nearer to the people, one large unexpected wave came in right over a man who was sunbathing, it soaked him, he looked shaken as he left the beach soaking wet.

The lifeguards are amazing, the whistle was going constantly as people ignored signs and swam nearer and nearer to the pier and getting pulled further and further away from the place where they started out, it is very dangerous as the waves knock with force against the pier and often take the swimmers with them. Trainee Lifeguards took this opportunity to go to the end of the pier and jump off practicing life-saving, it was scary to watch them. We watched the lifeguards help three children to safety as they panicked and were taken further out to sea with waves.

Thanks to Shawn for this photo

I took a trip to see the new Box Gallery this week, it is lovely. A huge space with a  huge amount of fabulous paints and sculptures and books and car doors and pajeros, very creative and colourful, always a pleasure to see Rolando Chung who runs the gallery and see what is happening in the art world. His old Gallery on Lucerne is now owned by a young couple who appear to be creating another Gallery and refreshment area, looks gorgeous,  can’t wait to see it open.

This Wednesday at The Leisure Offices at 501 Lake Avenue volunteers are needed to make Easter Bonnets for the children to participate in The Easter Bonnet Parade at the Easter event in Bryant Park on March 31st, that will be 1 – 4. Volunteers will also be needed for handing out flowers for the children to add their own touches to the Bonnets.That is a fun event that is always enjoyed by the children from Lake Worth. I only wish I was here for it…..

   Last year I took part in a project at St.Andrews Church where Jill Karlin undertook the task of creating another beautiful tile wall. We worked every day and got as many of the congregation to take part – people would drop by and complete a tile of their choice, it is beautiful and stands in the children’s play area garden at the back of the church. If you get an opportunity, go and see it, you will not be disappointed. People commissioned tiles for families and friends which are placed around the outside of the wall, such a lovely way to remember loved ones. Talking of gardens, the area behind the cultural centre is also worth visiting, not everyone knows that it is there but the new Martin Luther King mural is fabulous, a truly beautiful piece of work. And in the garden itself is a huge set of qwerty keyboard keys which at first I thought were seating, please take a look when you are next in the area, it really is quite lovely.

And International Women’s Day saw many events take place around the world. In my town of there were lots of events but the one I loved the best was at the local airport where planes with all female crews took off at regular intervals, I like the idea very much, what a long way us women have come!

Have a great week….

editors note:  some of the original photos did not come through so a bit of research was done.