Flofing in 36 pictures.

Posted this “not just the best party of the year but the best FUNdraiser” and meant it.  Always delighted to introduce new residents to town as to where to go and what to see. Influenced two people yesterday.  One young woman came up to me and said:” I READ WHAT YOU WROTE SO I VOLUNTEERED TO CHECK IT OUT.”  Thank you.  I invited new to Lake Worth resident, from Tropical Ridge.

Twins at birth by different mothers.

He found a lot of Buck Eyes in the crowd.  The history is that Shona Margaret Dick and her sister brought this game over from Ireland.  That is my understanding but ya”ll can correct me if I’m mistaken.  It truly is a great party and absolutely the best FUNdraiser for any neighborhood.  As all the neighborhoods are participants in the revelry, not an insular event for just the neighborhood.

First hole hostess. Following 26 photos in chronological order

Flofing is an urban put put course through 9 neighbors homes,  each builds their own putting green and assign a par (ok I did not know what a par was till yesterday or what a putter looked like.)  Last time I purchased a club at the thrift shop I turned it into a banana.   So no rules are specified.  However next year if you do not wear a hat you will not be given a ride in the Golf Carts.

Yes saw it with my own eyes  2 holes in one doing it this way. she lost her putter.

my favorite hole mermaid themed

a yearly favorite, , the Flamingo hole of the past was sorely missed (out of order!)

this hole Hosted by Mango Grovite Kristy and Tim

revisiting so I could capture the fun everyone was having

girls just want to have fun

one of the hardest holes. besides the one below 

I hit every one of these obstacles here, if it binged, bonged plunked ricocheted off ,  gave up at 10th try               photo by Tammy

Kerri had to be the luckiest  she won four prizes in the raffle and 10 people one $100 each and the rest went into the


Not the friends I came with or played with but ended up with.

drinks and munchies available at each hole.

Alyson and Glen arriving at the party

they made it without calling Uber 

they must have had rank, see who is the driver Comm. Maxwell


Hole sponsors honored with Morag.

my friend Tammy and I

Thanks Tammy for letting me use a couple of your photos.

Note from the editor:   share your experience.  Feeling nostalgic for the Flamingo  Hole  here you go


























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