April Nat’l Letter writing month

Not this kind of letter!

Happy April, and welcome to the 2nd day of the Write_On Challenge! We love the excitement of beginning the challenge each year* – the satisfaction of the dropping those first letters in the mail is so sweet. Have you written your first two letters yet? If not, don’t stress – simply set aside 10 minutes, break out your new supplies and start with something easy. If you’re stuck, check out our online resources – we’ve got inspiration to keep you going all month long!  This is right up my alley been following them and was preparing, so Yes I did not write two letters but I got two envelopes in the mail. LOL   For the Mail Art Project.  P O Box 46   Lake Worth Fl.  33460  so send something either to Art Project or to someone you love.   Had no idea how much I used the US Postal Service.  I just went through a box and found the cards and letters I had written during my marriage. No reason other than to say I love you. I care.  Thanks for a great night. What was truly delightful was finding the thank you notes from his granddaughter, now a grown woman and an artist as well. Now I can share the moment I  opened that envelope again. A treasure among so many  I had forgotten.  On our trips, I used to write what we were doing what we saw besides the iconic scene.  We enjoyed those cards on our return and relived those moments. Made for a great photo album with cliff notes. Take a moment look at your partner and grab an envelope add a note of your gratitude (everyone is into gratitude right now).   Recycle the envelopes that your bills come in. 

one of my doodles to an artist who lives by the sea

 above a recycled envelope , plus it had gotten wet. Did it in the waiting room of a dr. then colorized it once i decided what to do with it. 





  • this comes from a card company named Egg Press.  link is above

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