Throw back Thursday again

What a difference a few years make  So here we are one more time

Some people never change, The other bloggers in our city

TBTlook back 4 to 6 years in our quirky little seaside town.  Paradise to me.  Here are twelve photos of our shenanigans with all your friends and neighbors.   I should do a contest how many can you name.?  Can you name at least 30 of them? out of 35 Plus a mystery.

you” be happy to know he will open again this year.
It’s Thursday so YES we ride tonight
and the winners are/ Mango Grove
Wonder how old they are. wonder if they are reading this blog.?
Soon to be relocated still in walking distance.
Almost our oldest artist in Lake Worth
This photo made it’s first appearance on the music video “Feels Like Home To Me”
We were always welcome with a smile.
MIA painting done by one of our Street Painting Artist anyone know where it is?
A man has got to do what he was meant to do.
We used to have classes at the former Shuffle Board Court before the Armory even. aka HATCH 1121
this photo not seen before as one of these ladies played hooky that day. Who would want to miss a proper high tea with real scones and clotted cream made by our friend Chris Gostling in honor of our Scotsman?
once upon a time Mango Grove had a community garage sale
Leisure Service volunteer Board, Raised so much money with raffle they forgot to ask  donors for their yearly donations lol.
What year was this ?

May 28 this year today

Lake Worth also honored those fallen from the Revolutionary times to WWI, WWII, VietNam and the most recent casualties of war, at our Pinecrest Cemetery.  Among the seven wreaths placed was one from the Lake Worth Women’s Club and one from our City of Lake Worth.  This  was read something Eleanor Roosevelt’s wartime prayer. Which she carried with her.

Dear Lord,

Lest I continue
My complacent way,
Help me to remember that somewhere,
Somehow out there
A man died for me today.
As long as there be war,
I then must
Ask and answer
Am I worth dying for?

white crosses with the American flag was set by each grave.

Vogel-Lee Post 47 undertook all the arrangements with the following participants.  American Legion, Auxillary, SAL Riders and BoyscoutsTroop 204, and Girl Scout Troop 20519  the service took place 10:00 a.m this morning.  A heartfelt thank you to the vets that live here in Lake Worth both male and the females that I have the privilege to know personally.  Thank YOU Editors note: the image below will always stay with me on this day as it was done by one of our artists Fred W. Hunt for a post down in Miami. 

Experience Art

s J st is an energy filled one short block in downtown Lake Worth.  Who hasn’t got a pc of furniture they are tired of or can’t stand but was a gift.  To address this issue. Cafe Art Studio created this unique class.  Furniture painting and not on wood either.  These pcs had been left in a corner, stored out of site or some participants in this class went thrifting just so they could participate.  My stool came via dumpster diving and had been relegated to the outdoors, untill I was ready to address it.  I always knew I would paint it, that was the plan. As most of the readers here know it had been raining raining and the stool was outdoors and soaked.  It dried it just in time to participate at 6:30 last Friday.  The furniture painting class $40.00 well worth it.  A space to create with like-minded people, everything provided and ever flow of hospitality with munchies, wine, and plenty of good humor. The someday project was taken in hand and the accomplishments for none artists was exciting as their imagined art piece became reality.  Paint cans in all colors were popped open and colors choice poured onto paper plates (the poor man’s pallet).  Maria’s own Diva Chairs are ever present with tongue and cheek that take all the intimidations away . She’s really made something of the smallest art space in town and the most active.  Check out her various classes which are given almost daily and handled with humor and enjoyment well worth the bucks you spend there.

This could be your new favorite spot

Many visitors to our area tend to ask for a fish restaurant, as if being so close to the ocean it is a given. This could be a new favorite spot. It’s family friendly, by the time we got there they had already served over 100 meals.  My guests from Georgia and I were able to snag a table as the place was packed. Opening Day!  Radio station  99.5  LaLey was doing a live remote and inside karaoke and Mexican music gave it a festive atmosphere.  Upon being seated we each received a taste of ceviche which I hesitated but seeing my guests delight I tried it and it was different from what I have had previously on a trip to Peru.  This was more than eating raw fish it had lots of flavors.  It took three of us to finish the shrimp cocktail. 

I tend to be a timid eater in a new place but as the food passed, I kept thinking should have ordered that.   All the portions were generous. As a Mexican friend told me once tacos are not served with cheese in Mexico, then this is authentic.

Owners Delilah Ramirez and husband Roberto                      I wish them good fortune.

Don’t let the location or appearance fool you.  This could become your next favorite restaurant in Lake Worth. El Oceano is just a short block south of Lake Ave on the WEST side of Dixie,(just south of City Hall) parking available in back and on side of the building.  The kitchen is just left of the entrance so you can have a peak as you enter quite small, big on flavor. I did expect more ambiance but this was their first day.  Certainly can accommodate a large group of friends.  All these families can’t be wrong.  Maybe eat here then wander over to Mathews Brewing which is just in back on H st. Could use more ambiance, it was 5:30 when we ate there it was still bright outside. Try it let me know your experience. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner.  

FUNdraiser for BryaNT PARK

Before we forget the great time we had Saturday during the Derby Day event here is Throwback Thursday to This Event started years ago by the wonderful person who also started the Raft Race.  Now, it happened also to be  Cinco de Mayo, first people I saw were wearing large sombreros so was I at the right party?Quite a few things changed from what we used to experience. Formerly  A more casual level with children taking part. Also missing were our commissioners who judged the hilarity of the participants.

feeling kinda lucky!

The Prize value total was enormous $ 2.750 so the winner’s possibility endless, but not so this year it was split 5 ways. Obviously, the promotion of the wonderful gifts were not noted as in previous years.

the generous sponsors

Here i took a snapshot so you all know who provided so generously. My friend Lucky Richard Guercio was one of the big winners often seen in our local establishments. He wins a lot how do you do it.?  lol  Then there is always a 50/50 that paid out $300.  Would love to know who all the other 4 Lucky winners were.  I was table hopping and capturing the fabulous hats.  I totally agreed with the 1st place winner she was awesome.

opps wrong picture

absolutely exquisite and deservedly First Place Winner

Admired the hat the moment I saw it.  What an artist!   Jessica Teutsch’s usually has a spectacular creation, a little birdie told me she had started making it back in January. ?? The event was a class act event as I tooled around and saw so many friends and kept nursing my $7 Cranberry juice.




2013 Winner and moi

Worthy of note the complete outfit with Magnolia written + painted horse by Artist Leslie Smith

Parisian Chic, not able to compete as she was on the committee. selling 50/50 tickets

would not draw any attention in  Little Havana. Won the loudest shirt. hahaha

The actual race, 2 min. 4 seconds winner Justify and has a chance to be a Triple Crown winner as was Secretariat who made this race in 2 min. 24 sec.  (I was in the infield that year, won $270 ) now American Pharoah’s  timing 2 min and 26 sec.   Not a spot of mud thrown on Justify or jockey this was a clean race on a muddy track ck those times again.  Now back to the party which i always said was one of the top Fundraiser in our town.  Seen working hard was Tabitha, Jon Faust the consummate Lake Worth mc, The awards were unisex (so sad)

definitely had the Audrey Hepburn feel

two more local artists

If you’re looking for more great photos  Judge Sami Makela has some, always Tom Johnson, and of course Leonard Bryant never disappoints. Darin Engle also was seen taking photos.   If you didn’t see your friends here they made it to the other Derby Party which had 250 plus guests and some even attended from KY.   Anyone want to share photos from there just send them to moi.  My camera battery was exhausted.



Now about the Royal Wedding,  keep those beautiful hats handy and stroll Lake Worth in honor of the nuptials on May 19, as we will have our 2nd American Princess.  I’ll be sporting a Fascinator.


Just a Sat. in Lake Worth

Three (3) Cultural offerings on one day and the car never left the driveway that is what Lake Worth Fl. can offer. That is not counting the morning at the beach before it got too hot.  The Lake Worth Historical Museum was open on Sat. from 1 – 4 p.m.  They have a wonderful marketing message created by Walter Harper that speaks to how young 100-year town is. So most of what is in the collection are relatable to a not so distant past.





The next stop was at the Cultural Council which just opened a new exhibit by YES local artist Deborah Yates another one of our gems.  Who has found herself in our burgeoning artist-friendly town, following the steps of  several other artists from Key West and Coconut Grove/Miami.  It is one stunning exhibit in the small gallery space sponsored by Chase Bank.  I have to admit I was taken with this work. It is abstract, not my personal taste, however, I recognize it’s power as you turn the corner and are confronted with OMG this is good. Deborah also does environmental art on a large scale.  Definitely, go see. 

Debra Yates left with friend Susan Guyoux at the opening reception

Then a stop for good Mexican food at Lupitas.  It was packed with people just returning from the beach Laplaya, with a party in full swing in the private room.

never had seen this room. looks like fun

Last wonderful experience of the day was Oliver at the Lake Worth Playhouse downtown Lake Worth.  It was well-produced everyone was on cue and the casting was flawless. (Call  for Flashdance is now open) The music memorable and the performances on track there was just one person who appeared to be out of sync at the very end and that was an adult.  The young theatre troupe was flawless. What wonderful future thespians talent we have here in our area.  Soon they can be inducted into the International Thespian Society  wish you all well.    Thank You Tabitha for the ticket.