Experience Art

s J st is an energy filled one short block in downtown Lake Worth.  Who hasn’t got a pc of furniture they are tired of or can’t stand but was a gift.  To address this issue. Cafe Art Studio created this unique class.  Furniture painting and not on wood either.  These pcs had been left in a corner, stored out of site or some participants in this class went thrifting just so they could participate.  My stool came via dumpster diving and had been relegated to the outdoors, untill I was ready to address it.  I always knew I would paint it, that was the plan. As most of the readers here know it had been raining raining and the stool was outdoors and soaked.  It dried it just in time to participate at 6:30 last Friday.  The furniture painting class $40.00 well worth it.  A space to create with like-minded people, everything provided and ever flow of hospitality with munchies, wine, and plenty of good humor. The someday project was taken in hand and the accomplishments for none artists was exciting as their imagined art piece became reality.  Paint cans in all colors were popped open and colors choice poured onto paper plates (the poor man’s pallet).  Maria’s own Diva Chairs are ever present with tongue and cheek that take all the intimidations away . She’s really made something of the smallest art space in town and the most active.  Check out her various classes which are given almost daily and handled with humor and enjoyment well worth the bucks you spend there.

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