Throw back Thursday again

What a difference a few years make  So here we are one more time

Some people never change, The other bloggers in our city

TBTlook back 4 to 6 years in our quirky little seaside town.  Paradise to me.  Here are twelve photos of our shenanigans with all your friends and neighbors.   I should do a contest how many can you name.?  Can you name at least 30 of them? out of 35 Plus a mystery.

you” be happy to know he will open again this year.
It’s Thursday so YES we ride tonight
and the winners are/ Mango Grove
Wonder how old they are. wonder if they are reading this blog.?
Soon to be relocated still in walking distance.
Almost our oldest artist in Lake Worth
This photo made it’s first appearance on the music video “Feels Like Home To Me”
We were always welcome with a smile.
MIA painting done by one of our Street Painting Artist anyone know where it is?
A man has got to do what he was meant to do.
We used to have classes at the former Shuffle Board Court before the Armory even. aka HATCH 1121
this photo not seen before as one of these ladies played hooky that day. Who would want to miss a proper high tea with real scones and clotted cream made by our friend Chris Gostling in honor of our Scotsman?
once upon a time Mango Grove had a community garage sale
Leisure Service volunteer Board, Raised so much money with raffle they forgot to ask  donors for their yearly donations lol.
What year was this ?

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