Flofing 2019

Once again the much anticipated sport of Lake Worthians was on schedule and again a great success. This years line up started at the home of the flamingos Dave Savage and Sandy Weston.

Over heard ” I have these tickets, but if your not in, I want my money back”. So once again a favorite is back. It’s a lot of work and time put in by the fun loving Downtown Jewel Neighborhood. As I’ve been saying for several years this is the best Neighborhood FUNDraiser.

First to tee off was newly elected NAPC PRES and behind a out of towner, who flew in for this event. Representing Buckeyes, they will be bringing more with them as this was a blast. And so this event grows exponentially. I brought one newbie, he flew in his sister and she’ll be bringing more next year.

Go buckeyes. LoL

As always transportation provided between the far apart holes. By our famous and

Some infamous drivers. You might want to revisit my blogposts of years past that show

Different holes and the past participants.

check out ” Flofing? Only in Lake Worth “.

March 27, 2016 That was a good year

always give credit to our chauffeuranother great hole was beautifully layed out and the water feature was hidden from the tee box

Another surprise this year was how welcoming this particular hole was. The meatballs made with Guinness was tasty. All holes had drinks and munchies.

The themes were as varied as were the new participants to the game. New residents were drafted. Loved the joys of Christmas, where TJ showed his skill, driving the ball into the tree for a par 2. (Ok finally I know what a par is, took a few years) everything I know about golfing comes from FLOFING. Lolnow this one deserves a close-up. Who doesn’t like bling

Was a feel good to visit some of our usual participants. This year quite a few new ones. The surprise was propaganda. Love community participation.

Encounter with the famous Flofy

it is always a fun event as we are amused at the clever creative ways everyone embraces this event. In keeping with the politics and tomorrow’s run off I came in red white and blue with my pole sitter. A subliminal message. I had to depart for a previous commitment so I missed half. Said good by But returned to see the dismantling and recognize the worker bees who were there from start to finish.

Mel and Vinny. Every year volunteering

The unspoken hero

Thereis a brown/beige sign indicating golfing in Lake Worth Beach, so they might still be out there searching for the golf course. To see more photos, definitely go to T J hashers face book page he has 100+

till next year

your pole sitter. ( not one dirty minded person was encountered with this spoof.

2 thoughts on “Flofing 2019

  1. So sad I missed this event… my heart was there.. I hosted a hole for the first 2/3 years and always enjoyed the people coming thru. So many laughs,smiles and great memories!! Love my Downtown Jewell


    • so terribly sorry had a computer malfuntion. I’m 75 and not exactly computer literate and dependent on the kindness of stranger. am a long time calligrapher and mail artist. i am not working on creating a new website to upload all. and have contacted one University to exhibit and have store front windows on mainstreet willing to showcase all. thanks for your patients.


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