April is designated as Letter writing month

challenge for Nat’l Letter writing month. Communicate every day via mail. Each day during April take a moment, send that over due thank you note, how about a birthday card. A friend you lost touch with perhaps. be the first to address a letter using Lake Worth Beach ( gotch ya) sent out four to four friends already. This brings me to this Friday, Real Mail Friday is happening every first Friday at the Jaffe Book Arts Center. fAU. HOsted by John Cutrone on the 3rd floor of Wimberly Library. A Lake Worthian.This has been an on going event for a few years. There you will be surrounded by thousands of one of a kind artists hand made books, what a treasure. You get to enjoy coffee, tea, cookies or cakes. Whatever is appropriate be it holiday or just gemutlichkite. It’s an open invitation, bring your address book. they provide ephemera, stationery, even stamps. The cost for this engaging afternoon is a donation.

A great way to reach out to a friend wouldn’t you rather get a handwritten envelope in your mail box instead of reaching in and look at a bill or flyers in your hand. You can decorate the a colored pencils or or or. Here are some samples from WW II. Edward Gory the author sent his envelopes with images and received some like it. So send and see if before the month is out you get one back.