Zimmermans Cafe

A performance of gifted musicians who have, as a group been to parts of the world envied by the world travelers among us here in Lake Worth Beach. An afternoon of contemporary music performed in a setting harking back to the 18th century salon performances of the old world. This setting was less than a mile from the beach with casual attire (dress was long gowns once upon a time) get the picture.

The music written by contemporary Florida Composers recognized far beyond our 2 square miles. Morgan Denney, Marshall Turkic, Olivia Kieffer, Frederic Glesser and our own Clare Shore one of the founders of Zimmermans Cafe. The somewhat intimate setting allowed for a questions not just from the performers but also the composers point view and intent.

We had the honor of their presence in our midst as we experienced contemporary music commissioned by other artists as well of patrons. The Turkin piece Sonata for Alto SaxOphone and Piano was composed some 50 years ago. Here in photo below Turkin shares its history.

A well spent Sunday afternoonA well spent afternoon in our sleepy little city by the sea aka Lake Worth Beach. The next scheduled performance will be April 26, 2020. Highly recommend you save the date if it is anything as enlightening as this afternoons with such an illustrious group of composers and performers who are at the top of their field.