Lake Woth BEAch Nov. 2, 2019

Welcoming a Saturday in Lake Worth Beach, 6:30 a.m low tide, 7:34. Sunrise, alway breathtaking. 25 or more people already here on the beach enjoying the same sunrise.

We are a quirky sleepy seaside town. With location location location!

Just over the bridge is our own beach and today we have the Farmers Market across from A1A. Wen’t to get coffee and my fav Jambon beurre $ 8 , a baguette with Brie and prosciutto (French street food). Eating while strolling from stall to stall supporting local bakers, farmers and artisans. Contributing to their development. Along the way hellos to friends. Moringa $4 a bunch, is very popular and I swear by it. ( have three trees) only grows in the tropics, well, that’s us here in paradise. Returning home for a bit of gardening. Watering my Moringa trees and newly planted corn celery etc. At noon bike to the historic Museum volunteer for a few hours. Open from 1-4. Looking forward to Dia de Los Muertes.

85* outside this afternoon. Slow on visitors, so good time to update exhibits and diaccession some materials more suited to Palm BEAches Historical Society. We were all one, once upon a time.

The day ends with Dia DeLosMuertes celebration “Day of the Dead” a free event . It celebrates the passing of loved ones with an altar commemorating their live and with offerings as their souls return and need sustenance. Our Lake Worth Beach event is now in its third year. And just as in California, it was initiated by the Chicano artists we have artist José Menendes to thank for bringing this annual event to us In Lake Worth Beach. It is always celebrated on Nov. 2. If you see Monarch butterflies those are the souls of children who have gone on to a better life. so ends a day in Paradise.