That kind of day Nov. 12

Out at Lake Worth Beach, being in the moment. It’s calm and the flag by life guard stand is yellow. Perfect condition on our beach, no wind, no rough seas. Officially Hurricane season is over as of Nov. 11. My friend Collected me and the ocean is less than 1.5 miles from I-95. Wow no crowd.

it appears everyone’s IPhone is out for that perfect picture. There are 4 Iphones in this picture below lol

The moments captured today are fleeting, memories of our Lake Worth BEAch this morning. Took some pictures. So a grandfather is bringing this baby for his very first beach day. ( no picture) I approach and he asks me not to take the picture. You know, (not really) but I acquiesce. Watch him bring out his SLR and 200 mm lens starting to collect his memories of Lake Worth Beach. I brought my sketchbook and started to sketch. No water for me this morning.then I remember this book I purchased at the BookCellar it’s about visual note taking so I note the temp, the atmosphere, the colony of seagulls with their babies. Watch the ocean rushing in. I’m thinking “here comes a big one run!”as they scurry and are missed. . Then another IPhone appears, I know I’m in his picture as he is obviously doing a video 360 panorama, another memory seeker. oh yes: here are my visual notes in my handmade journal.

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