ART Season underway

Wed. Delray Art League reception Thursday Cultural Council reception. If it’s Friday it’s The Norton. Let’s begin with Wednesday. $110.000 is now the cumulative given by the Delray Art league via their 2019 Art Education Fund Awards.Presented at the Delray’s newest gallery space on Dixie Hwy. It’ spacious modern with working studios on site. the recipients this past Wednesday were, drum roll!. All Peoples Day ( Event). Twin Palms Ctr. For the Disabled. Palm Beach Rehabilitation Ctr. Plumosa School of the Arts. Florence Fuller Child Development. Milagro Center F A U. College of Arts and Letters. The stories of how the funds had impacted them in just the last year were heartwarming. Nurturing preK to College level . Ron Rizzo the new Delray PRES. Made the opening remarks introducing the space and. Fran Goodman on his left made the awards. congratulations on this new space, while still welcome by DelRay City Hall for their overflow meetings. These education funds come directly from the sales of art, as all Delray League artist members contribute to this fund a % of their sales. They believe in nurturing the future and know how it impacts the entire community.

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