Dec. 17 night before Impeachment West Palm Beach

I became part of history Dec. 17, 2019 arriving early in West Palm Beach downtown 4:30 an hour before the event. As the trolly approached, I thought the rally was in full force. What I encountered were two trump women w megaphones and two large flags all for Trump. Returning, to the start of the event, I could hear the crowd from a block away, now the plaza was full of protesters. The police dept had a few officers dividing them from us. It was well attended as you can see from these photos. My former UPI persona had to see the other side. How many Trumpers there were. I’d estimated 40 as I crossed to participate and approximately 575 anti Trump protesters verses 40.? Crossing the street again later to access a different vantage point, I realized no, there were no 40 trumpers, impeach people were mixed in. So the count went down to 25? What the Trumpers had were two media trucks that circled the block from different directions. As they reached the mass a loud roar went up “Lock Him Up” in unison. The impeach crowd were encouraged to call Rick Scott by repeating his phone number. His phone should be jammed this morning Thursday. This was a none violent crowd of mostly elderly educated people ( Florida is the retirement capitol of the U.S.) who know their history and what’s at stake. Also seen were a handful of millennials w one mega hat between them for a photo selfie op.

2 thoughts on “Dec. 17 night before Impeachment West Palm Beach

  1. Really stop all the bullshit, you as Americans should wake up and stop worrying about impeachment. You all should go and live your life. Remember one thing it’s not about him, it’s about our country. You all worry about the dumb shit and not what’s important in life. Our kids and family is what it’s all about. Everyone grow up and stop the bullshit!!


    • You confuse me “ you Americans” then “ it’s about our country” it is indeed about the legacy we leave to our children, meanwhile your children are not living in a cage/camp while those in charge have done the unthinkable.


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