Gold Leaf In Our PNC Bank

M/M mixed media can mean lots of things in the art world today. From Diamond dust to Digital Paintings to sparkle plenty? Gold Leaf appears to have come back from its origin, of the Virgin Mary wearing a gold leaf halo. Gold leaf chalice in the hands of a deMedici. I’m speaking of Gold Leaf. It is making a strong reappearance in the contemporary art world and not cheap.

Art Palm Beach Price of a nice car.

It’s a trend that has been reaching its momentum. Norton Museum for its re-opening commissioned one room with Gold Leaf. When something hits the creative air it blossoms in all sorts of formats by all sorts of artists from around the world. Interior designers are fond of it. Check out the Golden Pavilion in Kyoto it’s a precious metal.

I attended the last four major shows in our area and each time more and more gold leaf appears in the art as its focal point.

Art Wynnwood Miami $$ by the sq. Inch

So I put a call out to our area artists, a challenge. It must have gold leaf and no larger than 12×12 cost effective and affordable. We have so far 16 works of Gold leaf art hanging in the Lake Worth Beach branch PNC Bank on Lucerne Ave. it’s a continuing open call.

12×12. Iris Oil and Gold Leaf $150
3 D. Gold leaf. 12×12 “Deco Flats” $120

This brings me to the Wynnwood show in Miami. Saw some Julio Larraz (mention him as he is my favorite next to Fred Hunt) and other very famous collectibles. The Miami Art Club, only 16 members, a power house of young talent with prices they hope to achieve. Keep an eye on them. Now, in our own back yard, what was comparable to our Lake Worth Beach Exhibition at PNC. The light shines bright. Should we have price as recommended $3.00 per sq. Inch? You do the math!

12 x 12. $600 @ Some w color others just gold paint Impasto
The price at Wynnwood show for above age of hearts

Judging the value is difficult, galleries take 50%. You must love it, you both must like it, it’s hanging in your home. Now go see for yourself this very affordable exhibition. This could be your entry into local artist collecting? Also currently available in Lake Worth Beach a stop at the Palm Beach Cultural Bldg for Philip Ross Monroe, see his exquisites. draughtsmanship. Photography is at HaTCh and at the Compass Community Center. All available during the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival.

From the Norton Museum collection

Editors note. Buy what you love. Support the area artists as they develop. Your purchase today, gains value yearly.

Guiding the artists I’ve always recommend raising their prices once established by 5-10 % each year.

12×12. Oil and gold leaf $100 at PNC

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