Ferris Bueller’s Day Off could not have been better than ours on Lake Worth Beach

After Lake Worth Beach street Painting event that was one of the best with only 15 min of rain on the first day. It was sunshine and gemutlichkeit. The crowds converged upon our little quirky seaside town, by train, buses and bikes.

Some wonderful creations on our streets

It ended with an up beat, as all good events should. great music for all to enjoy on J st courtesy of Rudy’s pub.

Music for all ages

Today was a “go slow” day, down from a high. We have bus #62 every half hour now, straight to the beach. Breakfast special $5 at Mulligans and it’s leisure time enjoying coffee and a Mimosa reveling in the view. Go with the flow. Took left over bread with me for seagulls.

Do not feed, he does not tip. Lol @mulligans LWBeach

Temp. Reached the 70’s with an ocean breeze. So I sketched the nearby sunbathers and the playfulness nearby.

We were among the many enjoying Lake Worth Beach morning till next time. It was time to go. Took #62 straight to the train for a farewell. Next week end the Finnish Festival more visitors.

The color of the sea today was spectacular.

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