Parade cancelled almost

Running a bit behind schedule, there are no dancers at Brogues. Difficult when there are mixed signals. I’m standing looking about and this hand glommed onto me. “I want to dance” in a sincere happy voice and I was his choice.

Note: he is holding my hand! How lucky I feel. ( is he a reincarnate?

Well change of plans, over to Rudy’s it is as the Official Parade Party.

Now to meet up with the “Thursday Night peddlers riding on Wednesday”. Leaving the Gulfstream hotel 6:30 every Wednesday. We are Nine strong and another unexpected change we’ve got company or Downtown Jewel has. Always said they are Party Central if all the neighborhoods. So this band of merrymakers has come together for a unscheduled St Paddy Parade happening. It’s for a good cause!

After two turns around town, stopping traffic to everyone’s delight we get to the Official Party @Rudy’s. So from here photos of participants, they are to self identify or not.

There were 3 or 4 filled to capacity

The purpose here was to present a wheel chair. The event this year was taken over by the NAPC Neighborhood Assoc. Presidents Council. With a few Presidents present.

The change on Gabriella’s face was gratitude

Nit sure who all should be noted here. Jon Faust stood in for NAPC PRES. Craig Frost. Nancy Goddard who oh so gently transferred Gabriela from her old chair to this new mobility chair.

Editors Note: Safe distances were observed as observed by me. The Thursday Night Peddlers will continue to peddle Wednesday leaving Gulfstream, 6:30 at least six feet from each other , some are always outdistancing the others and we go single file. Cheers all. Tag yourselves.

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