By the way. 3-22-2020

I’ve undertaken tutoring, giggle box (Chelsy) and fancy Nancy. It was to be for the week of Spring-break. A whole lot of fun while learning, somewhat structured. Then Corona appeared. We are adjusting.

Who knew they are finicky eaters! At least they love eating noodle soup w chopsticks. Intentional, Those fingers need to be more dexterous so they can hold a pencil and pen correctly.

It’s a start.
they are learning.

We cover vocabulary, cursive, lots of reading, geography, planting, sketching. Naps mandatory for me.

,. They of course love their dolls as most little girls do. We do take breaks, go for walks. Bike ride is a favorite. Fancy Nancy is alpha so directs, giggle box will mostly become a videographer. She discovered my iPad and knows how to video better than I. But in discussion her aim is to become a police woman. Documenting photos of this week.

No joking around here. She lines her own paper, ink is on stand by.
Florida that’s where we live. And we are below west Palm Beach
The Hen laid eggs in my yard. Not my chicken.
Nap time plus my sketch/log book
En plein air
Could not resist priceless, perfect pronunciation.
Seeding Moringa
This is the age to learn.

First week 3-18-2020

Documenting these trying times. From my small of my small quirkyJust when sprink-break was getting underway. Love Love little seaside town . The beach is now off limits.

Love, love the beach for me is a cleaning space. Friday as a treat . The girls and I took a break from studies we went early, heard on radio about other beaches closing. Neither of the girls know how to swim, but the trill was palpable from their screeches. ( a rare visit for them)

A last momento
Their moment a

At the end i buried them as requested. Wonder if they will remember not just this but who knows when they will see the beach again.

We timed it so they could get their lunch from the high school. Along the way we picked up two neighbor boys. Ones mom has twins to care for, the other mother is working.

Signing up for devices and WiFi so the kids can keep up. Not everyone is aware even that there are free lunches.

Wednesday I took them along to the bookstore, enroute we picked flowers . Our word that morning was Beauquette.

Social distancing awkward moments shifting around the room.

This discourages any intercourse for any length of time. Lol. We were used to seeing each other. Now more than ever we need to be in the know. I took of with the girls for the beach and did out bit for the environment.

Every little bit of effort means something to another life force.