My garden has been turned into an outdoor classroom for my charges. All seems normal with their families, leaving for work by 7:30 a.m. and returning after 5, no time for TV in fact no internet and asking is the radio reporting. I get a negative head shake. Whereas I’m tuned into NPR.

Glad I collect books, destined for #Little Free Library

Becoming more in tune w my neighbors as I remain close to my house. Met a Finnish neighbor out for his early morning walk, a recent widower.

It occurs to me this self isolation is much easier on us widowers as we perfected the ” I want to be alone”. It took me two years. Another friendly face is MARIA who cannot resist picking up unwanted dogs. I can almost set the time, of her walk no need for a clock.

This past Sunday “will you ride w us”. Yes! Royal Poinciana thanks to CRA has a bike way. Accidents do happen, it appears from the entire stretch, of this lovely bike trail one ,just one 12 ft stretch between south D+C was left unpaved ( forgotten? )and the sand trap flipped Nancy, we took her to Clinic. She won’t be riding for a while.

So today we went to get her computer from school quite a trek with a bum foot. En route we took a beauquette of wild flowers to the music lady #Common Ground Cafe . Our downtown is Deserted. These folks are making the best of our unusual times, as two PBSO cars are parked a short distance away giving a Erie feeling to J st. So now the city is also limiting amt of time you may park. really necessary? Going back was arduous, carrying computer and hobbling w a bandaged knee, we hopped a bus. Another adjustment, no entry, rear door only access for hop on hop off. Bus service Running a Sat. And Sunday schedule only.

Barton Elementary schedule for last pickup of computers for their students is Monday. We went into CVS to find elastic so we can make safety masks as we are learning the running stitch.No elastic, PBSO stays has their hands full as a woman was being apprehended for shop lifting. Again outside a guy in green cap in a silver tan Rolls Royce convertible is cruising the street guess he has no friends to entertain him LOL second sighting in less than two hours of our travels.

Back home back to normal long live our mermaids. the rest of the town is still working. City Hall has more cars in their lot than even. Wellington Mall . How is Comcast doing w the essential internet wait times they say is ” more than 100 min but refer a friend and earn $175. This is what the bus looks like.

Not sure what you are doing. I’m deep into Memoirs by Pablo Neruda.

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