“Play Date Wanted”

L to R Chelsy Royal Poinciana, Essy Mango Grove, Nancy Royal Poinciana. We are now past the first 14 days.

So we are making small trips to to keep the appearance of normalcy. Daily around close to noon we take a break from studies and walk to LW High School for the free lunch. En route we call out to latch-key kids, who need lunch. thank You for everyone who remains at their work or volunteers so these kids get food. We continue our lessons in the yard as we watch the world go by, here on the western front.

Love what College Park is doing with the spotting of stuffed wildlife. Clever and fun but out of range for us in Royal Poinciana. We could bike but that would leave Nancy out. Teaching them sharing and kindness. here is what we did this past week.relief from the serious work. will purchase one more from BookCellar before Tuesday’s final closing day .art lesson, Self portrait

all about Japan, from one of the LFL books, show and tell.

poetry and Rhyming

here is a bit of a story. found Chicken which had laid eggs in my yard. So I had the kids crawl under the palmettos and retrieve them. Love eggs for breakfast. My property my eggs, well I cracked one open it was bloody so, I returned them and hoped for the best. Forgot about them. Today Sunday one of the kids came running and told me about all the ckicks. Not believing, took a look at the nest and they were as you can seegone and they knew exactly where the chicks were. Lol just a bit of excitement. Keep telling them never a dull moment. One day they will understand that phrase. Worked out a lesson plan for the coming week to include school curriculum. the daily visit from my neighbor Maria.we talk over the fence . It’s Sunday morning and attempting to plan the coming week lessons and projects to keep them interested. A salute to teachers, don’t know how you do it . No discipline issues here, lucky me.

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