4-30-2020 One more day MAY

Patti Sheldon. Owner

Mother’s Day in 9 days. We are all separated from people we care about, love, have unintentionally drifted from by happenstance. We can remember them by mail. Buying local and have it delivered. Awe Flowers delivers, as does Convivo Books, check out their shop. If you live in 33460 no problem. We deliver!

John Cutrone proprietor in Lake Worth Beach

Both John and Patti are Lake Worthians this goes for myself. Hand made cards, Mother’s Day custom made to order w calligraphic addressing $10.00 pm me delivered in time to 33460 E

very time I’ve been to Post Office I pass the Revolution Bike Shop. Mike lives but a block away. He has seen a spike in his business. I purchased a much needed mirror to keep an eye on my possie. They fixed a flat for the girls. Support your local businesses.

Revolution Bike same block as Post Office. That’s Mike on the right.

Don’t recognize some friends behind their masks. I’m wearing my bandana like a precious Tiffany necklace. Never take it off, even when showering. Keeping up via reading the local Face Book pages. Rarely enter individual sites.

Math lesson, long distance PB school district

We’ve established our beach head in the front garden of my cottage. All the lessons take place outside under the Poinciana Tree. Cottage is way to small and I get my Vitamin D.. today’s Thunder storm threatened then finally forced us inside. We do lessons and one was do a picture for a display at St. Mary Hospital. Note: we do not and have not discussed Corona Virus. My believe is keep them as normal and happy as possible by being kind.

4-25-2020 Where are we ?

Settling into the sixth or is it the seventh week? Tongue & Cheek, now, signing my letters Corona Virus Detainee. Losing track of time. Writing letters while burning the midnight oil. Becoming a nocturnal creature. It’s 4:30 a.m..

Mother’s Day just around the corner.

Making progress with the device that PBScools provided. Morning ritual in place. Keep missing the live video chat with teacher. Routine now established school assignments come first, if all goes well treats all around like; bike rides, chocolate pudding (a first) tea time with friend and oh those #Barbie Dolls, I hid them. Had a transatlantic call, when finished 40 min. later, all the dolls were sunbathing in the flower planter, did I mention I hid them lol I hid them!

Good NEWS our Guest Blogger Chris will be returning-reporting from England and sharing life there.

A ride to the Post Office, is a every other day occurrence. #saveups. Heading out to beat the rain. I look back and yell “do you have your mask? . . . . Abort mission. We get caught by the rain. One of the best rides ever with lots of laughter. Who has more raindrops on their tongue. We were soaked when we got back. Not a bad way to end Friday.

Post Office run, our excersise.

4-25 Sat. Did not stir till the sun came out. If she’s not out I don’t need to be out either. Hunger pangs as I stirred. French toast easy and I have everything including the Piece De Resistance. It’s Mango season and I make the topping myself. A Mango recipe I picked up in my travels to the islands. I last prepared it for the Mango Grove NA fundraiser during our Lake Worth Beach Mango Festival. Sad, as for the last two months I’d been hard at work preparing a Mango recipe book.

12×12 oil painting by AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt

Good NEWS this coming Monday our friend Chris Gosling will again be our Monday Guest Blogger.

April 13-17 quarantine week


School via internet has been a learning curve. Managed to get on w math. Thanks to FB learned a bit more about accessing the right class. It still depends on kids savey and willingness to complete an assignment.

there is no do over for incorrect answer ???
Routine. First we planted, now watch it grow

Breakfast comes next. Fancy Nancy insist on being in the kitchen with me. ( a kitchen for one) So I handed her an egg and showed her how. She is now practicing for Mother’s Day. Lol.

Didn’t like my German bread. Then I remembered the little soldiers, that worked. Today snubbed her nose at real marmalade. I renamed it Jelly
Alls well!

Our routine is math, some spelling, then a little walk around the house. Visit the chicks born Easter Sunday . We pick Rose Apples, and Mangos before the wildlife gets to them. Trying to keep the desire to learn alive with small distractions between lessons.

Where we once walked to school daily, food distribution is now on Mon. Wed. And Fri. We have Never seen this many cars .4-10-2020 another week with corona virus

Again the number of kids, dropped 2 boys as parent has available car and can fend for them now got two others. I don’t ask questions.

When we walk we pick flowers and always say hello en route via Sarah’s house, she sits outside with her cat. Our Royal Poinciana neighbor. She is also studying on the internet, for her masters . She could teach math but social distancing, you know

Since we get flowers on our walks, we needed an extra vase. Lo and behold Oh so chic it matches my silverware.

We put new books into our #Little Free Library


4=12-2020 Corona Easter week

Love my Poinciana tree

Living my own reality. . Watching the world go by literally. Might just Count the cars that go by in complete anonymity. *.

Someone drove by on bike and circled around and yelled “I love your house”, was it my K Herring table cloth he spotted or the Tyrollean music I fancied xtra loud this Saturday. The Poinciana tree gives me coverage all day long. It was looking for a home and Sam G. delivered it. That was five years ago. No blossoms yet but “your branches speak to me of love”. I stay outside all day, get Vitamin D and eat Moringa each morning from my trees.


My Finnish neighbor Matti left Friday for Canada. We sent him off with lots of Moringa. Always supplied him w 3 days worth on return from his hour walk to Bryant Park. En route he would post my letters at the Post Office.

Water color lesson: I’m the red head I’m told “she wears a skirt” lol they have never seen me in pants, the mermaids are easy Peasy fancy Nancy and I.

With the rain this past week, suddenly I saw more women and babies out and about. Census comes to mind. One learns so much from kids. One house has “lots of doors” on one side Eleven live blended family and four on the other LOL.

Finally we accessed PBC lessons . Say it isn’t so. Reaching out to Tabitha (teacher) there must be more to this. Think self motivation, from what I saw it’s fill in the blanks? My learning curve.

Feel like I’m on vacation. Love my neighborhood.

So now we have arrived at Corona Virus Easter

With a little help from my friend.

This might well have been a Easter from long ago. Small intimate, only 3 kids, just a few eggs, each personalized with their names, but little trinkets like Bubbles, a spinner and a charm bracelet from a accumulated give-a-way collection. I could not part w rabbit driving car.

Happy Easter

4-10-2020 another week with corona virus

From my humble abode.

Woke up happy, got my coffee to sit outside. Did not know if it was Saturday Sunday as I sat in the unusual quiet. Words has gotten out things are getting serious.

Can you see their smiles lol

The one break I look forward is also theirs. A walk to the Lake Worth High School for their lunch. Sometimes we are 8 those without a mask, I provided w a kerchief telling them they are part of my possie and must wear them. The volunteers no longer hand the food over but put it on a cart and roll it to us from a fair distance.

On the home front we keep studying.

“Use the dictionary“

I’m fielding questions left and right. It’s a tactic. To discuss anything but the topic at hand like Mars our red planet. So like a carrot, I push the fun things farther into the afternoon, as the morning is the most productive. I write a letter and she gets to illustrates it and select the appropriate stamp.

Part of the “ April Nat’l letter writing month “ .

This week we painted a bird-house, still no internet. Then I found my backgammon board folded away, with me some 25 years. No dice no problem yet. So how did we do? Well we each secretly wrote down numbers then shared. We need dice, she is good w numbers and will figure this out.

Seashells from our last trip to the ocean.

Not sure if I could remember anything from day to day if I did not keep a visual diary. it’s all the same, day in and out.

The birds, no bees yet, gardening and seeding
We are surrounded by all sorts of birds.

Perhaps one of them will want to rent it, her words. Oh there are some funny comments. Finally we got WiFi all on the same day ATT and Comcast showed up within an our of each other. Thanks to our Commissioner Herman Robinson who asked who needs what. So I reached out to his email and told him.

So here we are another week detained at home. I subscribe to You tube “ City of Lake Worth Beach” and it notify me of a post. Behold we are able to witness our government in action. Only about 26 people watched this Thursday and has less than 450 subscribers. On a average post I get close to 700 readers. So now that you all know how and where, I hope all the meetings are available to those who care. Next live broadcast mtg. Will be April 21. And of course there is a window on right side that shows live chats. So comments are visible and there was one that wanted to have Omaris baby OMG immediately brought to mind the infamous George Bernard Shaw’s line LOL. “but suppose the child inherited My Beauty and Your Brains”. Wonder what she was offering as her attribute?

One more week and counting. 4-3-2020


Monday seemed so far away. I know what they like to what we should be doing. They have their devices but as yet, no internet. Going w the flow

Lunch at LW High school a welcome break

We get a break when we walk for lunch and at 3 we observe tea time. What did we not cover but meant to, was on my list as they do a great job of derailing me. LoL Ok let’s clean the bird Bath

Daily visitor

Where were we , spelling cursive, anything in our stream of consciousness, meant to cover but skipped over because “aren’t we doing this or that.” Vague promises to keep them engaged.

I let her illustrate my letters. I need stamps which became a field trip to the post office, which became a math lesson,, which became interactive as she gets to put stamps on my letters. We look at my stamp collection. I write, she writes her teacher Ms Roman that leads to spelling time. Ms roman must be a patient angel. She deals with multiples of just these two. How do you do it?

We spotted a blue bird, we are visited daily by birds. Even have an Ospry up high. Teaching moment.

Serendipity one happens to be blue

We view a videos on blue birds. Next morning their sharp eyes spot the tiny eggs. One is a delicate blue. Thanks Mother Nature for reinforcing this learning moment. Even I was thrilled.

Looking back at Monday so far away. Did we really . read about George Washington Carver. My eyes dropped as we are now reading “the Red Planet” TGIF Tea time becomes my time. They chat I retreat for a nap.

We make necklaces out of sea shells we gathered on the last day at the beach. Hours later the beaches were closed.

We started on Capitals. Hopefully internet will be available next week.

Write a letter Today. 4-1-2020

Thought to post this letter on the first, but it’s not a joke. It really is “National Letter Writing Month”. Could self isolation free up a promise of sending that letter, (meant to) and take pen and paper in hand. No more excuses LOL.

At the end, I share a letter from Mark Twain to his electric Co worth reading if your a Lake Worth resident. With a sense of humor.

Taken last real Mail Friday

This Friday I shall miss the camaraderie of the regulars who met each first Friday at the Jaffa Center for Book Arts. Presiding over this creative atmosphere is Lake Worthian John Cutrone, who welcomed all with writing instruments, cards, stationery accompanied w themed music, coffee tea and bites.. Then he delivered our efforts to the post Office for swift delivery.

I’ve been a letter writer most of my life as I moved around the world. So one shore-leave I found myself on Espanola Way, SoBe in one of my favorite art shops. Been a few months since my last visit there, where I’d taken one of their cards and mailed it to friends in Texas’s. The proprietor, Star said “wait a moment” as she went into the back and returned with a letter addressed to me, in care of the shops address*. Believing in serendipity, that was the sign that I belonged here in Paradise. .

A letter or card is a gift. Now with our movements curtailed the trip to the mail box becomes even more meaningful, would it be wrong to say the highlight of our day. . No longer the checks in the mail! Challenge. Write a letter a day to your extended family reach out to old friends

. Write me, I’ll engage in correspondence. P.O. Box 46 Lake Worth Beach, Fl. 33460

She wrote a letter to Ms Roman teacher c/o Northgrade Elementary

Now to Mark Twain’s letter, it starts w Gentlemen

Goes into the faulty placement of street lights “ I suspect it was a piece of carelessness on the part of the workmen” Issue was ongoing. . . . . . . . …..” Don’t mind us—out our way, we possess but one vote apiece, and no rights which you are in any way bound to respect. Please take your electric light and go to—but never mind, it is not for me to suggest, you will probably find the way, and anyway you can reasonably count on Devine assistance if you lose your bearings. S. L. Clemens

This from Edward Gorey book of his illustrated correspondence.

One of the most delightful illustrator who’s books I have been collecting. Who also had his correspondence of illustrated letters and accompanying envelopes exhibited some years ago at the Norton Museum. Matisse created his own envelopes. You can too! So decorate your envelopes and cheer someone up.

* regarding mail delivery from Norwegian Cruise line they always forwarded our mail to the ship we were serving on but if we changed ships, lagged a month behind.