Write a letter Today. 4-1-2020

Thought to post this letter on the first, but it’s not a joke. It really is “National Letter Writing Month”. Could self isolation free up a promise of sending that letter, (meant to) and take pen and paper in hand. No more excuses LOL.

At the end, I share a letter from Mark Twain to his electric Co worth reading if your a Lake Worth resident. With a sense of humor.

Taken last real Mail Friday

This Friday I shall miss the camaraderie of the regulars who met each first Friday at the Jaffa Center for Book Arts. Presiding over this creative atmosphere is Lake Worthian John Cutrone, who welcomed all with writing instruments, cards, stationery accompanied w themed music, coffee tea and bites.. Then he delivered our efforts to the post Office for swift delivery.

I’ve been a letter writer most of my life as I moved around the world. So one shore-leave I found myself on Espanola Way, SoBe in one of my favorite art shops. Been a few months since my last visit there, where I’d taken one of their cards and mailed it to friends in Texas’s. The proprietor, Star said “wait a moment” as she went into the back and returned with a letter addressed to me, in care of the shops address*. Believing in serendipity, that was the sign that I belonged here in Paradise. .

A letter or card is a gift. Now with our movements curtailed the trip to the mail box becomes even more meaningful, would it be wrong to say the highlight of our day. . No longer the checks in the mail! Challenge. Write a letter a day to your extended family reach out to old friends

. Write me, I’ll engage in correspondence. P.O. Box 46 Lake Worth Beach, Fl. 33460

She wrote a letter to Ms Roman teacher c/o Northgrade Elementary

Now to Mark Twain’s letter, it starts w Gentlemen

Goes into the faulty placement of street lights “ I suspect it was a piece of carelessness on the part of the workmen” Issue was ongoing. . . . . . . . …..” Don’t mind us—out our way, we possess but one vote apiece, and no rights which you are in any way bound to respect. Please take your electric light and go to—but never mind, it is not for me to suggest, you will probably find the way, and anyway you can reasonably count on Devine assistance if you lose your bearings. S. L. Clemens

This from Edward Gorey book of his illustrated correspondence.

One of the most delightful illustrator who’s books I have been collecting. Who also had his correspondence of illustrated letters and accompanying envelopes exhibited some years ago at the Norton Museum. Matisse created his own envelopes. You can too! So decorate your envelopes and cheer someone up.

* regarding mail delivery from Norwegian Cruise line they always forwarded our mail to the ship we were serving on but if we changed ships, lagged a month behind.

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