4-10-2020 another week with corona virus

From my humble abode.

Woke up happy, got my coffee to sit outside. Did not know if it was Saturday Sunday as I sat in the unusual quiet. Words has gotten out things are getting serious.

Can you see their smiles lol

The one break I look forward is also theirs. A walk to the Lake Worth High School for their lunch. Sometimes we are 8 those without a mask, I provided w a kerchief telling them they are part of my possie and must wear them. The volunteers no longer hand the food over but put it on a cart and roll it to us from a fair distance.

On the home front we keep studying.

“Use the dictionary“

I’m fielding questions left and right. It’s a tactic. To discuss anything but the topic at hand like Mars our red planet. So like a carrot, I push the fun things farther into the afternoon, as the morning is the most productive. I write a letter and she gets to illustrates it and select the appropriate stamp.

Part of the “ April Nat’l letter writing month “ .

This week we painted a bird-house, still no internet. Then I found my backgammon board folded away, with me some 25 years. No dice no problem yet. So how did we do? Well we each secretly wrote down numbers then shared. We need dice, she is good w numbers and will figure this out.

Seashells from our last trip to the ocean.

Not sure if I could remember anything from day to day if I did not keep a visual diary. it’s all the same, day in and out.

The birds, no bees yet, gardening and seeding
We are surrounded by all sorts of birds.

Perhaps one of them will want to rent it, her words. Oh there are some funny comments. Finally we got WiFi all on the same day ATT and Comcast showed up within an our of each other. Thanks to our Commissioner Herman Robinson who asked who needs what. So I reached out to his email and told him.

So here we are another week detained at home. I subscribe to You tube “ City of Lake Worth Beach” and it notify me of a post. Behold we are able to witness our government in action. Only about 26 people watched this Thursday and has less than 450 subscribers. On a average post I get close to 700 readers. So now that you all know how and where, I hope all the meetings are available to those who care. Next live broadcast mtg. Will be April 21. And of course there is a window on right side that shows live chats. So comments are visible and there was one that wanted to have Omaris baby OMG immediately brought to mind the infamous George Bernard Shaw’s line LOL. “but suppose the child inherited My Beauty and Your Brains”. Wonder what she was offering as her attribute?

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