4=12-2020 Corona Easter week

Love my Poinciana tree

Living my own reality. . Watching the world go by literally. Might just Count the cars that go by in complete anonymity. *.

Someone drove by on bike and circled around and yelled “I love your house”, was it my K Herring table cloth he spotted or the Tyrollean music I fancied xtra loud this Saturday. The Poinciana tree gives me coverage all day long. It was looking for a home and Sam G. delivered it. That was five years ago. No blossoms yet but “your branches speak to me of love”. I stay outside all day, get Vitamin D and eat Moringa each morning from my trees.


My Finnish neighbor Matti left Friday for Canada. We sent him off with lots of Moringa. Always supplied him w 3 days worth on return from his hour walk to Bryant Park. En route he would post my letters at the Post Office.

Water color lesson: I’m the red head I’m told “she wears a skirt” lol they have never seen me in pants, the mermaids are easy Peasy fancy Nancy and I.

With the rain this past week, suddenly I saw more women and babies out and about. Census comes to mind. One learns so much from kids. One house has “lots of doors” on one side Eleven live blended family and four on the other LOL.

Finally we accessed PBC lessons . Say it isn’t so. Reaching out to Tabitha (teacher) there must be more to this. Think self motivation, from what I saw it’s fill in the blanks? My learning curve.

Feel like I’m on vacation. Love my neighborhood.

So now we have arrived at Corona Virus Easter

With a little help from my friend.

This might well have been a Easter from long ago. Small intimate, only 3 kids, just a few eggs, each personalized with their names, but little trinkets like Bubbles, a spinner and a charm bracelet from a accumulated give-a-way collection. I could not part w rabbit driving car.

Happy Easter

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