April 13-17 quarantine week

School via internet has been a learning curve. Managed to get on w math. Thanks to FB learned a bit more about accessing the right class. It still depends on kids savey and willingness to complete an assignment.

there is no do over for incorrect answer ???
Routine. First we planted, now watch it grow

Breakfast comes next. Fancy Nancy insist on being in the kitchen with me. ( a kitchen for one) So I handed her an egg and showed her how. She is now practicing for Mother’s Day. Lol.

Didn’t like my German bread. Then I remembered the little soldiers, that worked. Today snubbed her nose at real marmalade. I renamed it Jelly
Alls well!

Our routine is math, some spelling, then a little walk around the house. Visit the chicks born Easter Sunday . We pick Rose Apples, and Mangos before the wildlife gets to them. Trying to keep the desire to learn alive with small distractions between lessons.

Where we once walked to school daily, food distribution is now on Mon. Wed. And Fri. We have Never seen this many cars .4-10-2020 another week with corona virus

Again the number of kids, dropped 2 boys as parent has available car and can fend for them now got two others. I don’t ask questions.

When we walk we pick flowers and always say hello en route via Sarah’s house, she sits outside with her cat. Our Royal Poinciana neighbor. She is also studying on the internet, for her masters . She could teach math but social distancing, you know

Since we get flowers on our walks, we needed an extra vase. Lo and behold Oh so chic it matches my silverware.

We put new books into our #Little Free Library


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