4-25-2020 Where are we ?

Settling into the sixth or is it the seventh week? Tongue & Cheek, now, signing my letters Corona Virus Detainee. Losing track of time. Writing letters while burning the midnight oil. Becoming a nocturnal creature. It’s 4:30 a.m..

Mother’s Day just around the corner.

Making progress with the device that PBScools provided. Morning ritual in place. Keep missing the live video chat with teacher. Routine now established school assignments come first, if all goes well treats all around like; bike rides, chocolate pudding (a first) tea time with friend and oh those #Barbie Dolls, I hid them. Had a transatlantic call, when finished 40 min. later, all the dolls were sunbathing in the flower planter, did I mention I hid them lol I hid them!

Good NEWS our Guest Blogger Chris will be returning-reporting from England and sharing life there.

A ride to the Post Office, is a every other day occurrence. #saveups. Heading out to beat the rain. I look back and yell “do you have your mask? . . . . Abort mission. We get caught by the rain. One of the best rides ever with lots of laughter. Who has more raindrops on their tongue. We were soaked when we got back. Not a bad way to end Friday.

Post Office run, our excersise.

4-25 Sat. Did not stir till the sun came out. If she’s not out I don’t need to be out either. Hunger pangs as I stirred. French toast easy and I have everything including the Piece De Resistance. It’s Mango season and I make the topping myself. A Mango recipe I picked up in my travels to the islands. I last prepared it for the Mango Grove NA fundraiser during our Lake Worth Beach Mango Festival. Sad, as for the last two months I’d been hard at work preparing a Mango recipe book.

12×12 oil painting by AnnaMaria Windisch-Hunt

Good NEWS this coming Monday our friend Chris Gosling will again be our Monday Guest Blogger.

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