Wow also Cinco de Mayo

How many of the stay at homers, reached out HELP and now really appreciate Teachers. It was yesterday. Never to late to write a thank you note and put them in your will. This Segways into, if you do not get your thanks into the post TODAY your favorite teacher (Mother) won’t get your card.

We now are still in my garden doing long distance learning.

We stand for the Pledge of Allegiance.

Then on to the prescribed lessons via the “device” from the Palm Beach School District. Left hand on the table, sit up straight. Am I asking to much? They will eventually be returning to school some day. No slacking, it’s not a vacation. Will they be held back because of lack of interest and not doing the work. The teacher have video chats w the kids. It’s a little like the zoom meeting that took place last night with our City leaders.

Out going mail

Reminder Mothers Day is this Sunday. Last delivery day, is Saturday if you mean to have your Mother’s Day cards there in time. Then again there is, “to your door delivery” from Awe Flowers. Also, Convivo Books is local and will deliver in 33460 while your there get yourself something as well. Not sure? Check Them out as today at 3:00 pm the will be on FB with a podcast.

Amazing little gem

As a collector of many things and do continually divesting into file 13. Among the gems I unearthed a little 84 p book. Tattered, moth eaten. Amazing what these women dealt with and knew. You can keep eggs unrefrigerated for months. But I was perusing for Mango recipes as it’s Mango season. Also found recipe for onion pie. Not trying that. Lol