Quiet in the western quadrant of Lake Worth Beach. 5-13-2020

The lines for the food giveaway are still happening on Tuesday mornings. I hear of others also but remain self quarantined. Finally I received Essential Internet after I terminated myself for 90 days to satisfy Comcast Xfinity. Yet for more than two years I tried, qualified but they would not give me a break. Had their flyer in my hand knew I qualified as did this whole neighborhood. Now I have it and assisted my Guatemalan latch-key kids to get on and obtained their devices from PBSD.

So other than tutor I became somewhat domestic. Lol. Wondered who here in our community had to learn to cook and survive. My instinct comes from the old country.

Supreme Court is in session, Dr. Fauci is today’s hero.

Wishes to remain anonymous. Is that possible?

My lifeline are friends, neighbors. Just got a delivery of bleach. Did you know your toothpaste has poison control phone number. Your not suppose to swallow it either. Not seen here is artist friend Vee who brought art materials. As well as Susan below here, who also remembered the children here and brought toys and paints. I let the kids illustrate my correspondence.

Susan Guyaux

my guest in my living space/studio are the LWB City Commissioners via Zoom. Determining the future and welfare of our quirky little seaside town. Maria my Colombian friend was first to done the mask in this area. We chat she tells me that no one bothers to wear mask at Bryant Park when she walks her dogs, now that we are in Phase 1.

I rarely bother w the phone so impersonal, rather see a face. My form of communication is letters. #sendgoodlettersgetgoodletters. Majority are artist friends and I let the kids get the mail. They never disappoint.

Also visiting this charmed cottage over the fence are these kids. Asking if I teach and could they come to learn here. Had no idea I have this draw. I recall when I met my husband r.i.p. what drew me to him was how kids gravitated to him to watch him paint, and never interrupted him. This was his studio so the spirit is alive.

No candy here. Painted coconuts yes.

My live for now revolves here and under my Poinciana tree. Tammy Pansa checks in calls. So a great big thank you to all who showed you care that includes messenger. Lol. And from artist friend R-man

What do I want I want for nothing. Well, Send letters .

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