5-18 Lake Worth Beach opened

I went to our beach this morning, as weather is predicted for afternoon. Met these great people.

Lake Worthian and guest from Tennessee

Expected far more people as the car park upstairs was full. The weather calm overcast no surf. Found majority from Wellington area.

Wellington and Greenacres

They went first to Phipps beach but apparently no parking allowed there so they came here, to our Lake Worth Beach.

Very happy outing from Wellington.

I went my usual route south to do shelling. Beaches was clean. Found one pc of sea glass, technically not yet sea glass, so I took it home to dispose. No cigarette butts, no bottles, no trash, it’s possible to keep it up.

Incognito moi.

Discovered my Tiffany necklace* bandana when wet does not allow air thru. Yes people were wearing masks and some did not. The suggested distancing was observed, I counted about all were 20 feet apart. Very one I’m sure was grateful for the opportunity to have this freedom. Saw only one chair.

Ok there were two chairs on the beach lol. Lake Worthians

And yes I saw people I knew. Lol.

Usually do close ups but under the circumstances. Space was respected.