5-20 and counting

It’s been exactly a week that I posted the last Corona Virus lockdown musings.

I made the exception, escaped to the beach. It was open for the first time after the nine week lockdown. Found that I was trespassing on Palm Beach’s beach. A part adjacent to Lake Worth Beach just south. In fact go north and same would Have happened. Lake Worth’s own beach is nestled in between, on Palm Beach Island. A little known fact. So our quirkey little seaside town owns its own piece of paradise on the Island?

Nancy and her Mother

Back to my Royal Poinciana neighborhood is my little corner of , paradise. Fancy Nancy no longer studies here, her mother is not working so she stays home . However in a previous post w picture of four little girls, who asked to learn here showed up waiting for me as I got back from the beach. LOL.

May 15 It’s one of those days raining. A rainy day and I feel just like my cat.

Lockdown still life

Shared this photo with artist friend . She replied “feel same way, still in my PJs, going back under the covers.” it’s 11:43 a.m. My other cat Oopsy is on top of my head on the headrest of the arm chair I’m occupying. No one is moving today. LOL


Kimberly is serious, 10 and wants to learn reading and drawing. She was articulate about this. Ok, so started her of with Nancy Drew‘s (Lilac Inn) Might have been to advanced. What’s a paddle, I draw it and explain. What’s a canoe, I draw that and show her the yellow one I have. Slow going. We go to collect my mail and she picks up a Poinciana blossom, that is what she is drawing in the picture above. as any ten year is able to draw. The leaves, stamens, the entire structure of the blossom is accurate.

May 19. City Hall on Zoom . Gosh am I one of 3 watching. Would have thought with the convenience everyone can tune in. No need to go downtown. Got there a few minutes after the start, go to kitchen, fix my coffee, feet up on the easy chair. First up are the first responders our #91 fire dept. doing annual report. We have 49 fire stations in Palm Beach co. I’m ready for a trivia quiz. Xx

Show and tell Nancy is maintaining the garden we started and here she is kidsplaining.

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