June 8 Monday blog from England

Hello from England…….

Where we are still in lockdown after all this time  but things are easing up. On June 15 non essential shops will be open…..clothes, furniture, car showrooms and others, how exciting that will be, it is certain to be different though, I imagine there will be no time for browsing at our leisure, knowing someone is waiting to follow behind; but it is a step forward. The other big change is that it will be mandatory from 15 June to wear face coverings in public places and on public transport which I think is a very good idea.

I have some really good people making masks from the material left over from making scrubs for the key workers in hospitals and care homes. The masks will be used for a variety of people – those in sheltered housing who are elderly and are frightened to go out, the masks will hopefully give them confidence to go out now. For special needs IMG_2161students to help them develop a tolerance to the masks before returning to school…there are many other vulnerable groups that will benefit from masks so we will keep making them until  they are no longer needed. What about in Florida…..have you been given more freedom????IMG_2162

There is a German word ‘Fernweh’ which means ….’An ache to get away and travel to a distant place, a feeling even stronger than wanderlust…..’ which describes perfectly how I am currently feeling. I keep looking through brochures to see what is available, which is actually not a lot!!!!! I think it is probably better to see how it all pans out, we are desperate to rebook our trip to Lake Worth but have to wait until the ban is lifted!!!!

And here in England it is National Friends Day, definitely something to celebrate, where would we be without friends????

Something I have wanted for a long time is a good news forum and now we have one in England, it puts together all the positive things that are happening which makes better reading than the usual dose of negativity. There are always good things happening and you really do not have to look far to find them…the following are my favourites this week……This one of course, is most important, and long overdue but nevertheless is happening now, really happy to see this is going to be a reality….IMG_2164

This is GREAT news, bicycle shops have seen sales rocket, I hope that all our new cyclists continue to use their bikes after this virus has gone, our cycle lanes are being made much wider as well, good news!

IMG_2166This particular  piece of good news is very important, we have noticed huge changes since people have not been using their cars, flights have been grounded and emissions have been much reduced. We notice that the sky is bluer, there is without doubt, more birdsong and the air is cleaner…….I would love to see this continue and although we now have evidence of just how quickly our environment repairs itself, I feel we are still a long way off making the difference we really need!

I for one, love the good news rather than the negative news and it is proven to help our state of mind which can be very fragile at the moment.

I hope the coming week gives you lots of good news and makes you smile, enjoy it all, speak to you next week, until then, be happy!