6/9/2020. sequestered

Had a few false starts to this blog. You don’t want to read my “wow is me”. i will just start into what I’ve found in the art community. There was this call out to artists while in lockdown to share and boy did they. Some are spot on, others clever. Here it goes.

Art imitates life, Not here, art inspires..
Just lovely, to be able to replicate a work of art.
So clever
Love this one.
Great interpretation.

This was started on Instagram and thousands have participated with their own version. I’ve yet to find a work of art I can do. Many years ago there was a portrait at the Uffizi gallery that looked just like me. It was of a young prince and I wore my hair with Eisenhower bangs and I was 15 LOL. tussenkunstquarentaine is on Instagram and started out w artists using toilet paper hence the shortage, not.

It’s a family affair. I K Cute
Amazing interpretation
The challenge was simple. Use 3 household items . As you can see the artists went beyond expectation to delight , amaze and inspire the rest of us.
I follow this fun site and maybe inspiration will strike.

Also I follow Muse D’Orsay and love arteneuveau and my Instagram is annamaria33460. I share Mail Art that I send and receive. have a fab day.

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