Throw back Thursday 7-2-2020

Why is this year different from all others. Because we are all in the same boat! We’ve shared so much and this blog goes back more than ten years. It started New Year’s Eve the year I moved here. Now if you are curious, at the bottom is an index by month, year or specific title enjoy.

Real Mail
MLK day breakfast
Our friends from England on Left Monday blogger Chris
Easter event volunteers, so civilized
Happy celebration can’t remember B-day or anniversary
A must photo for this weekend
Wheels for kids
Memory keeper
2020 pride flag raising
Those were the days my friends
My inspiration for a painting
This was the painting from pride parade photo
Still happening via zoom Wed. Mornings
Tres caballeros
Thursday night peddlers riding Wednesday’s
The good times
Our town
City hall behind the scene
Opening at Cultural Council
Our next guest blogger w high adventure, stay tuned.

This covers our quirky little sea side . Want more? Scroll thru archives.

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