hello from England

And what a good week it has been albeit very busy. Firstly, I Want to ask how things are in Lake Worth Beachand how everyone is coping now? Here in England things have not changed that much, lots of relaxation of lockdown has been postponed because of a spike in numbers of people contracting COVID 19 and pockets of the country are being put back into lockdown as their area Falls into the risk category. This, in turn, is affecting every aspects for life …. the economy which was beginning to grow again, once again starts to fall once more. Jobs are lost as business after business fails through lack of support. We are still having to wear masks in shops and enclosed spaces hoping that this will be enough to stave of the awful virus.

people seem to be much better at social distancing now and understand how important it is to follow the rules. And so, with travel out of the question at the moment, at least abroad, we have decided to take staycations in order to see all those places in England that we have never seen. I am still on our first trip, which has braught us to Newcastle upon Tynewhich is the north east of England, known for being a shipbuilding and manufacturing hub. It is now a center of business, arts and science.
what brought us here is Hadrians Wall which stretches some 73 miles from coast to coast, it was built 123AD: to guard the wild-northwest frontier of the Roman Empire. It s now a UNESCO World Heritage site. Can you imagine this amazing treasure being built over a period of six years interspersed with forts every few miles which would protect the people within the boundaries.
here we are near the end of the wall and loving every minute of it. Yesterday we walked up a very steep stone path to the fort, phew,! The view from the top was spectacular, parts of the wall remain stretching both left and right of us. Sheep wandering freely across the grass. It was easy to see how they lived from the remains, communal toilets were at least 10 People could sit quite a convivial affair in those days obviously.! Romans were a extremely clever people, underwater heating and education being two important things passed down amongst many others.

I got to thinking what our generation will leave certainly it will not last For thousandS of years like these amazing artifacts. Things then were built to last, beautiful brick walls stone placed on stone with no concrete at all to keeping it upright, incredible.!! Today we live in a throwaway society where nothing lasts, a huge shame that Knowledge of our wonderful world will be passed on digitally. But we have had fun here and today we have walked and walked. We visited the local market which is Somewhat smaller Than usual, because of COVID. We have half the market this weekend And the other half of the market next weekend, better than nothing of course. Newcastle Castle was our objective after the market and having booked our places for 1 p.m. we spent the next couple of hours reliving castle life in the ruins of what once the most beautiful building dating back to the 1100’s

And tomorrow we return home after visiting The Angel of the North , a Hugh contemporary sculpture designed by Sir Anthony Gormley . Completed in 1998 , it is a steel sculpture 66 ft. Tall with wings measuring 177 ft across. The Angel, like a lot of his work , is based on a cast of his own body. It is Britain’s largest sculpture and the largest angel sculpture in the world. I cannot wait to see it having seen his other work. It seems to me that staycations will be the new thing as everyone decides to stay at home, already it seems that many hotels and places to stay are booked already. I love an adventure and look forward to many more.
It is a huge shame that we will not be coming to Lake Worth , it is where we feel at home and will miss our friends hugely.
Editors NOTE. I will wait until tomorrow To post this so I can include some Angel of the North Photos until next week, take care and stay safe . I am sure that this period will pass, when I do not know, but hope it is sooner rather than later.

Remains of Hadrian


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