It’s England Calling

And it’s HELLO after a two week break when my IPad got lost and then found again, thank goodness, so here I am wondering how everything is in Lake Worth Beach.

Here in England things are progressing little by little …… restrictions are lifted slowly to make sure the numbers don’t go up again and instead of closing everything when they do, the immediate area of the worsening is locked down and lifted again when numbers go down. It really is just a matter of people being responsible for each other. Masks/face coverings are worn to protect others so I do not understand people refusing to wear them, uncomfortable as they are it’s about protecting each other!!!

This week nail bars were allowed allowed to start operating again so I took that opportunity to get mine done, I did not realize how much difference it makes, it is wonderful, they look so nice and I feel good. My nail technician is called Hanha (Hannah) and she and her husband Hoan. Run the U.K. nails bar in Southend on Sea. I had not realized that the last time I saw her in early March she was just pregnant, so imagine my surprise when I saw her looking as if she was going to have a baby any second,!!!

They are Vietnamese and wanted to know how I liked Vietnam when I was there at the end of February. I had almost forgotten it, but I did remember my overriding memory of how lovely Vietnamese people were. And in all this time they have only had something like 27 deaths from Covid. If I Remember, everyone on the tour was amazed that they were so organized early on, they all wore masks, our temperature was taken everywhere we went, there were posters everywhere sanitizers at almost every corner and at the airport everyone was tested. …..of course we got home to England on one of the last planes out and waltzed, no tests no checks and the rest is history. And so every day another country is put on the black list as numbers fluctuate, people go on holiday and find the country they are visiting is put on the black list. the next day which means quarantine for 14 days when they get home, this causes a big scramble for flights home before the deadline. I have made the decision that I am not traveling abroad until it is totally safe to do so and I won’t find myself rushing home and be in quarantine. – it’s a strange world in which we live at the moment.

I have been very busy at the community hub where scrubs are still being made to order it’s incredible. Masks are being made to ensure everyone has at least one, every Monday is mask giveaway day and every Monday there are lots of people arriving to collect masks for themselves and their family. I love it as it gives me a chance to see all the lovely people who live in the community and catch up on news etc. many of our people are on and have been staying in shielding their own and finding its very difficult to come out , they are nervous of people and would rather stay at home. Where they feel safe. I am hoping the masks will change that for them. And they will feel safer wearing them and will start going out again.

And the children are due to go back to school in September after 5 mo. At home. There have been many debates about this and schools have worked hard to ensure that schools are safe places to be. And children will be looked after. Many of our schools stayed open during lockdown and children of key workers (hospital workers vital services and and many more who are needed to keep the country running ) children were taught on a daily basis along w nurseries . Key workers were also given priority shopping times , deliveries of food and supplies whilst working to keep them safe and making sure they had food and sustenance during the awful time at the beginning of the pandemic

Here in England schools have different holidays to USA ….our school year starts in September, there will be a one week break in late October , 2 weeks break at Christmas, one week in March 2 weeks for Easter, one week in May and six weeks in summer mid July to early September. This gives both students and teachers regular breaks. This year no examination took place for our year II’s the first time ever , so the end of school results were based on teacher assessments . . . Not perfect but fair. The schools both leaving at primary level, 11 yers old and Secondary School (16 ) missed out on proms , end of year parties and saying goodbye, such important milestones. I know some schools are still going to celebrate at some time when it is appropriate and when it is safe to do so. Young people need to be back in school , they need to be learning and they need routine, it will be hard for them to settle back into working but not for long. …. they are very adaptable and for many the can’t wait to get back to their friend and the camaraderie of their friends.

The government has devised a great plan to get the restaurants and the eating places back on their feet. And to encourage people to go out again – on Monday Tuesday and Wednesday every week till the end of August all meals are half price with the government paying the other half!! We have, of course been making the most of this and have eaten out with friends and family at this reduced rate……our favorite of course being the five star restaurant and hotel on the seafront where the food is excellent and of course pricey …. not with this scheme, it was fabulous!!!

Everyone who has been asked to make hospital scrubs and bags and hats and masks has been asked to submit a 4×4 square of something appropriate to the whole experience and all of theses sqares have now been made into a beautiful and exquisite and emotionally charged quilt. I watched these squares coming in one by one and sa it put together by Carolyn and has now been completed. The last square completed by me for someone who could not complete one due to work commitments. It has now been hanging in the hub for some 3 weeks and every time I look at it , I see something I have not seen before. I have the photo here but to see it for real is much better….the writing in between has been sewn from comments made by workers during the process. The fourth square from the top left is the one I have now completed.

So now Monday I am ready for the Monday Mask giveaway…. because we have to wear face coverings in all shops and enclosed places these are offered for free or donations. Again these are beautiful, different designs and lined for putting in a filter, made with love and effort because people care

The garden is thriving and plants are still growing, tomatoes in abundance which taste so much better when they are home grown!!!! The community hub is having a overhaul of the garden with bushes being cut down and fences being replaced. It is getting ready to welcome back all our lovely groups and projects and community members, I cannot wait! For now we are still having our yoga classes on Zoom but hope before long but resume the classes back In the hub ….

And another library has been installed in a little town called Hockley, this library is surrounded by beautiful land where a yoga studio is being built along with Yurts and all kinds of peaceful things . And on that note of peaceful tidings. I will say goodby until next week. My overriding wish is that all the wonderful things that have come out of this awful time continue long after it is all over. .. and that the country which comes up with the vaccine, shares it with the world rather than make it inaccessible to some countries, we are after all , in this together, everyone has been affected by this time in one way or another. Have a peaceful and happy week. . . . .

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