August 27 2020 Little Free Library

Updated as I remain sequestered. Lost days of the week, no particular milestone to punctuate my limbo. Managed to almost destroy address book, day pages. They drowned due to my wandering mind and then the rains came, the storm next. Due to my senior status I remain sequestered. It’s not all downhill, spurts of creativity put me into zen flow, then I wake to next project. Try to tackle household chores needing attention naw, not now, not in the mood . Anyone else experiencing this?

My little neighbors

So remain focused and busy. One side of #LittleFreeLibrary are of the kids in the neighborhood. I borrowed image as Kimberly was sharing with her siblings what I was teaching her. She’s clever and smart, on the telephone. Long distance learning before I even knew it was a thing.

Inspiration for one side of LFL a compilation Of several photos.

This is the other side with my cat Luna. And a motion light for night time use. LOL

Most of my followers of this blog have read the origin of this Library know it to be the first registered LFL # 23056 here in Lake Worth Beach. A cosmetic overhaul certainly is a improvement and waterproof . Inside is another painting of a mother reading to her baby. Before it was papered with my calligraphy practice sheets. ( we were 3 building our libraries together. Ted Johnson and Dean Sherwin ). Ted’s a sailor, so we papered his LFL inside with nautical terms and pages of a sailing book. Dean’s was the show stopper he made a replica of his home.


Anyone wanting to contribute this library was made to house youth and tall children’s books. Oh course take a book , keep it, share via reading to a cat or younger sibling or bring one to share.

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1 thought on “August 27 2020 Little Free Library

  1. I loved the first libraries, Dean’s was fabulous, I guess it has gone from his front yard….all three were so quirky…..looks like you are carrying on the tradition..x


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