Sept. 3, 2020. Throw back Thursday.

This little sea side town of Lake Worth Beach also known by some as the isle of misfits. Has over the last 10 years been photographed/documented by myself and also the other professional photographers who have moved here and become part of the community here. Each having their own spin on how we see each other.

Coffee with the Commissioner

Each Wed. Morning Commissioner Robinson held open discussions of ideas. Everyone was heard. It was quite a civilized discourse as everyone had their turn as they turned up. Issues were discussed and laundry aired. That was then. Now due to the pandemic the meetings have gotten smaller, still being held each Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 sharp via Zoom. Anyone wanting to participate need only reach out to Comm. Robinson or myself and we will get you the invitation to attend. everyone is welcome as always.

The Sailing Club

Yes this small seaside town has a Sailing Club. Here they are pictured. Actively petitioning to get a marina up to make this town more picturesque. We have docks but usage is restricted. This might come under the heading of the isle of misfits. It would bring in day sailors who could visit Lake Worth Beach. Better yet create a yachting interest in the young.

one of many volunteer opportunities

Volunteer opportunities galore, so many here in Lake Worth Beach. There are advisory boards guided by liaisons from the City to help guide our quirky little town into the unknown future. A NAPC a neighborhood assoc. each has a President representing 16 areas of our town. New groups arise as the citizenry seem fit to create. LOL

Recognition of its citizenry

There are all sorts of honors bestowed on those who exemplify all that is good. Be it a loyal employee or an organization that has brought much to our community. National Holidays are also recognized all from the Dias.

First time train trip

Yes, there are those rogue personalities that see a gap and fill it. A little like “I’m depended on the kindness of strangers”. Don’t we all! We encounter them here here in Lake Worth Beach gratefully. Especially now serving in food banks. These kids were taken to West Palm, their very first train ride, very first time to see the holiday sand sculpture in West Palm Beach a stop at the Mandel Library. Exhausted, well behaved and quiet on the train ride home, engrossed in the reading material they were given at the Library.

Garden Party

They happen everywhere in our small city by the sea. Crashing one, no such thing, as everyone knows everyone and greetings are extended. Now there are some awesome parties that have become annual events, legendary. This year we missed out on the 4th of July back yard event. There is the holiday one on south M st. And for now on hold Diner en Blanc soirée.

Another Coffee with Herman Robinson
Tuesday night City Hall mtg. 32,000 could tune in via You tube. Just subscribe “City of Lake Worth Beach” and you will be notified when they or other boards meet.

Have I missed a groups, your gang, there will be more Thursdays to come. Cheers!

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