Six months into COVID-19 sept. 16, 2020

Sharing my life sequestered can’t be very interesting, lakewortheveryminute blog is recording that and not just me but my friends in England from our Sister City. Our adjustments our similarities, our distancing from friends. Our smaller world due to COVID-19

My washing machine, all of it

Six month milestone should be positive, now its a measure of how long we have endured. Laundry used to be enjoyable, had my favorite laundry spot with WiFi, scrolling internet waiting for wash to be done. Purchased this thing with usb cord from the internet, yikes, did I make a mistake? My wardrobe has shrunk to 2 light weight t shirts 2 skirts, need nothing more. I see no one and it’s hot. Saving on Laundromat. Doing KonMarie clean out, 30 t shirts heading to Farm Workers. I suppose when I rejoin humanity I’ll be needing clothes again.

His first word was truck as he was pointing to a truck and We kept saying truck yes TRUCK

School is about to resume. Had not seen the kids since masks became mandatory. I handed out quite a few, but they were not worn. I’d say where is your mask “ it’s at home”. Me Ok. “Go home”.

Refurbished and loaded

Painted on each side portrait of the kids who use it. My cat Luna even made it into the painting, inside painting of a mother reading to her baby and the piece de resistance a solar light. They used to knock on my door to get books while it was being fixed.

That’s Kimberly in the middle lives on F st.
Happy again, visitors Chelsey and Corina from D st.

ended w a little birthday party for Chelsey’s 9th birthday.

impromptu Birthday party. Music from my iPad playing Corina Corina as the little girl on right is named Corina. This threw them into a whole lot of giggles. The pleasure was all mine! Might have been my singing

Still participating in Lake Worth Beach, sequestered. Thanks to ZOOM City Commission Mtg. Which Is available via ZOOM as well as Coffee with the Commissioner Herman Robinson, both I once attended. That was then this is now

I was one of 47 watching About the same that fit in the Chambers

I follow Instagram and love sharing the creative things I see especially this challenge to artists that are sequestered by the Getty. Love that kids are also participating. P.s. my Instagram tag is Annamaria33460 visit!

Thanks for reading my blog. I welcome your personal COVID-19 stories with photos

Mail art call extended to Dec. 15 #FreeUpTheMail. Send no mail no cards no letters home, no bills, no flyers. Allow those who have to use the mail their one VOTE

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