By chance VOTED early

Turned out I got soaked twice this day. My plan was to do reconnaissance while returning some very overdue Cd’s to the Mandel Library in West Palm Beach and A side trip, included posting 250 postcards to North Carolina. Being sequestered doesn’t allow for to many activities. Marching is out, holding placards on the street not.

Destination 1st time voters and previous voters.

I used to stand in protest lines. Those were, well some time ago. Feeling I must make some effort in the current election year I was recruited and gladly accepted two projects one was to reach out via postcards to voters who were challenged and needed a nudge to go vote. the other is a art project which, as of today, I can give full attention to regarding COVID-19

The last of the cards written. I called two friends, consider them my life line. There were some questions I was was vague about even though I read what the League of Women recommended. Checked train schedule and off I went on this lovely overcast sky with my ID, other documents just in case. Almost forgot the package for the Library return.

Waiting at the station I noted how terribly loud the south bound train was. Not having been out and about since March the noise level was disturbing. Then I heard the rain, the sky just opened up precisely at 2:44. I just marveled at the sudden deluge wondering how wet I’ll get while boarding. Returning home was not an option. Got to West Palm Beach and hid under a parapet waiting for the trolly, waiting, waiting.

This is the notification that greeted me. Searching for their number.i

Still raining, I start out. Uphill one street over one more I see the Post Office, good. Drop all the cards there. I know, your wondering about my #FreeUpTheMail*. (The choice was not mine but instructions were specific). Thought about hiding there till the rain abated, didn’t look like it would. I hugged the buildings and cafe awnings as I made my way down hill to the Library hoping the light would be green when I was ready to cross the street. I was wet as was my package. Library seemed desolate no magazine displayed, no books for sale just one young man behind a sheet of plexiglas who did not want the package. Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Dunkin Donuts but the atmosphere here in the library was as cold as I was. I headed for the exit asking security guard about voting. She she led me through the back lobby doors across the plaza right to the door. First friendly person! It got better, no line, no waiting. Only hours ago I went over the sample ballot so I filed in the little ovals in no time. Was I even in there five minutes?

Wet wet wet

Back outside I cross the plaza for a HOT cup of coffee. While there my “I voted” apparently slipped off my blouse, I was wet. Took a couple of sips and regained my composure. Do I want to go back across the plaza in the rain for my “I voted”. I did, at my age I may never again vote in another presidential election.


I went back and got my sticker.

** I advocated for #FreeUpTheMail with what I heard about the Post Office it is a small thing to allow others to have their one vote counted. I kept my MailArt, my October Birthdays out of the system.

Escape desperate for fresh air

Hard to recognize Tina Chiodo, Jessica Savage and Andy our commissioner

I have no problem with isolation. I took a leap Oct 3 and went out as a friend was volunteering, plus I was out of cream and love a cafe con leche. It’s only a matter of time with the pandemic growing we are bound to have another lockdown, just a matter of time.

Our Mayor Pam & Sylvina who’s bday falls between Oct. 13 – Nov. 3 #FreeUpTheMail timeline. Sylvina no worries it’s in the mail LOL

Got the coffee and wandered over to our city hall, where my friend was volunteering. The urge to reach out and hug was enormous in my excitement I spilled my coffee. I took pictures for this blog after all it’s called “Lake Worth every minute”. Enroute I knocked on a few doors encouraging people to come out like a town crier. “Gratis Comida at the courthouse now”.

5 masks, hand sanitizer, thermometer, personal care kit in the white bag

Saw our Mayor and commissioners helping out . The census was partnered with food give away. Via the cares act gift cards were available. The blue bag donated from * was very generous. It had a number of prepared meals ready to eat like chicken stir fry, chicken Alfredo, laden with gourmet canned goods from Buccan. They were so heavy, saw Commissioner Maxwell help a lady carry her bag to her car.

Census takers still trying to entice those who have not been counted
(Just spilled coffee), to the rescue Emmeric & Lauren of Leisure Services

*. this event was partnered with the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office in Miami. tHANK YOU! The prepared food came from Buccan 350 s county rd. Fine dining Palm Beach. a very grateful thank you. The Taiwan Student Assoc. was on hand helping.